O.Torvald: Ukrainian band at Eurovision 2017

O.Torvald: Ukrainian band at Eurovision 2017

On February 25, the final of the Eurovision 2017 national selection took place, at which O.Torvald Ukrainian band, was selected to represent the country at the song contest.

The band got the jury's and audience votes thanks to “Time” song as well as to a spectacular show with modern visual effects of the performance. In total, through the voting O.Torvald got 10 points – per 5 points both from judges and from audience.
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In its triumphant song, the band tells about the importance of time, how to appreciate every moment and not to lose time in a virtual reality: “Most people are constantly with their smartphones and other gadgets. Coming home instead of spending time with the family, they first take the phone. All these gadgets do not deserve wasting our time on it. And time is the only thing that cannot be returned”, - the band's frontman said. He also added that nobody could blame the song for political overtones, since the topic has nothing to do with the current political situation – it is about common human problems.

O.Torvald band was created by the frontman Genya Galich, guitarist Denis Mizyuk, drummer Sasha Solokha, bass-guitarist Nikita Vasiliev and DJ Polarnik in 2005 year in Poltava. In 2006, musicians moved to Kyiv, where they got through the Rock 'n' Roll way from club performances in the rathskellers to the shows on huge stadiums. At the end of 2007, the band recorded their debut album “O.Torvald”, after which they began to appear on TV, radio and other media. Mass recognition came to the O.Torvald after the second album “V tobi” (eng. “In You”) in 2011.
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While performed hundreds of concerts and issued five albums O.Torvald became a significant phenomenon for Ukrainian music. The album "Ty Ye" (eng. “You Are”), which was recorded in 2014 with the sound producer Andrey Khlyvnyuk (Boombox), according to Ukrainian media, was the best album issued by the band and caused large resonance. In 2015, O.Torvald became the most popular festival band in the country for performing on more than 20 stages on Ukrainian and European festivals. Their music career includes outstanding shows on “Prosto Rock Festival” with Linkin Park and Garbage, on “Lutchiy Gorod” with Evanescence and The Rasmus, on “Zapad” and “Ekolomyja” (Poland).
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Nowadays, after 10 years of rehearsals, studio work, and touring, frontman Genya Galich became the leader of the thoughts and rock idol. Moreover, Genya Galich is nominated as the most beautiful man in Ukraine according to Viva! magazine.
Now the band is preparing to represent Ukraine at the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision 2017 Song Contest will be held in Ukraine thanks to Jamala's victory at the 2016 song contest in Stockholm, Sweden. Semifinals of Eurovision 2017 will be held on May 9 and May 11, and the final of the contest will be held on May 13, 2017. The event will take place near the Livoberezhna Kyiv Metro station in “Expo Centre Kiev” the International Exhibition Centre. This will be the second time Ukraine hosts Eurovision Song Contest.
Photos: O.Torvald official Facebook Page, all photos belong to their rightful owners.

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