Tickets for Eurovision 2017: Where to Buy, Prices

Tickets for Eurovision 2017: Where to Buy, Prices

Ticket sales for Eurovision 2017 started on February 14, 2017 with a one week delay. The first batch of the tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 went on sale on Tuesday February 14 at 7.15 p.m. at the local ticket agency's homepage:

The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted in Kyiv, Ukraine in May 2017 with a record equaling 43 participating countries. The Semi-Finals will take place on May 9 and 11 with the Grand Final on May 13.
The start of tickets sale depended on two factors: firstly, selection of ticket agency, and, secondly, floor plan of seats/stands in the arena, when stage design, green room and camera placement have roughly been decided. The organizer has selected the Ukrainian ticket agency as the official ticket partner to deal with the sale of tickets for Eurovision Song Contest 2017.
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Some customers have reported that they have experienced difficulties with payment. Existing cases will be processed by the ticket operator within 24 hours. «Destinations» would also like to round up the list of useful links for those who would like to purchase tickets for Eurovision contest 2017:

Event page:
Front page: Customer service:
Way For Pay Customer service:

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The prices range from quite affordable EUR 8 to EUR 500. There is a maximum of 4 tickets per purchase transaction, although, there is no limit to the number of transactions any person can make.
In order to help fair distribution of tickets, tickets are being sold in batches (waves). The tickets will be released in various batches, depending on the allocation of seats in the arena. However, there is no information on when the next batch will be released. The organizing committee announced that up to 70,000 tickets for Eurovision 2017 will be sold for nine shows: six dress rehearsals, two semi-finals and the Grand Final.
The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv. It is the largest venue of its kind in Ukraine with capacity for 11,000 spectators. The preparations inside the expo center will start on 18 March 2017, where the technical and creative teams behind Eurovision 2017 take over the arena for the next couple of months.

The stage is designed by Florian Wieder – a champion in stage design. The stage design is a circular footprint which exemplifies the theme of the contest this year: Celebrating Diversity.
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Photo: Ruslana, the winner of Eurovision 2004 and the member of Eurovision 2017 organizing commitee, holds freshly bought tickets from the very first batch that was released for on-line sale in February, 2017.
Tickets for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest are already on sale and available on-line. It is strongly recommended to purchase tickets through official channels only.
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