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The Ukrainian rating agency has analyzed 56 housing complexes of the capital, comparing the actual features of the complexes with the existing requirements. As for the end of the 1st quarter of 2016, the first position of comfort rating of housing complexes in Kiev took KAN Development (as the best company) and the ‘Boulevard of Fountains’ residential complex.

In most cases the need to rent an apartment or a decision to buy property come along with a choice of reliable realty agency. If you are interested in any service that they can offer, check out the top 3 real estate agencies in Kiev.

Photo: Drommel
Drommel is a startup company that produces modern Ukrainian furniture. Drommel reflects the best minimalistic contemporary design tendencies with only pine and steel used for production.

The combination of suburban comfort and proximity to the city center, quiet area with fresh air and a huge park and compact four-story houses. This is all about recently opened Stoletof Residential Complex in Kiev.

«We often laugh with Katerina when I tell her: «Oops, it seems that I created a lamp again». Even the people who know us for a long time and know that we do everything in terms of interior design, sometimes forget about it and ask us: «Yeah, lamps are cool, but do you work with interiors?» And it's funny,» - Dan Vakhrameyev says.

The young Ukrainian designer Nastasia Amai is a founder and director of AMAI designlab. In her lab she creates things that evoke emotions, surprise and bring joy and fun. She participates in many competitions, specialized design exhibitions. Her works are published in the leading magazines about interior and object design.

In 2015 in Kiev the demand for capital real estate fell by 40%. This is the lowest figure since the beginning of 2000. What will happen to property prices in Kiev in the nearest future?

Late fall and winter in Kyiv can be really grey and depressive. However, it is possible to find some spring inspiration in flowers. LoraShen can create a real festival of positive emotions any time of year.

There is a lack of quality housing in the center of Kyiv till now. And at the same time the city real estate market has the country’s greatest demand and highest liquidity for housing.

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