Repairing Your Apartment: Some Ideas

Repairing Your Apartment: Some Ideas

Spring is the season of apartment repairs in Ukraine. Locals usually plan some minor repair works around the house or apartment early in spring so they will finish them by Easter. Many families are painting their walls fresh or re-decorating while other start the major building projects with the arrival of warm weather. «Destinations» rounds up some ideas and tips on repairing your home.

If you're the type who can do just about anything around the house--mend a leaky faucet, nail down those sagging shingles, paint a wall, unstick a sticking door, repair a broken cabinet or build a garbage can enclosure, then just head to the nearest building materials hypermarket, stock up on everything you need and start pampering your home.
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«Epicenter» hypermarket chain has 7 malls in Kyiv and at least one hypermarket in all regional cities in Ukraine. Here one can find practically everything they would be needing for repairing an apartment of house. «Nova Liniya» is another national store chain offering everything for home repair and redecorating. Their stores are smaller comparing to «Epicenter» but in case you don’t need any special building materials and equipment in great quantities or numbers, these store will also be absolutely fine to stock up for some repair works.

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If you are not so sure about doing all the repairs by yourself, quick search on the internet will provide you with the list of home maintenance and repair companies that gladly would offer you a variety of home-repairs skills--everything from minor plumbing to painting and carpentry. When hiring such a company to do a job around your house or apartment in Ukraine be sure to sign a contract with them and discuss all the terms and conditions as well as fees carefully.

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Remember that Ukraine has some strict and sometimes even weird rules and regulations regarding building and repair works, so it’s always a good idea to consult a professional architect or engineer before smashing down any walls, relocating windows or repainting the front facade of the house.

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As for the interior design and furnishing of the home or an apartment in Ukraine, one can simply hire a professional interior designer (look them up on the Internet) to do all the work or do it according to one’s taste and skills by themselves. Luckily, there are many Ukrainian furniture and interior design brands that offer hip, modern and quite affordable items that could be a welcome addition to the interior design of your home or office space.
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