Ukrainian Furniture Brands

Ukrainian Furniture Brands

«Destinations» rounds up a list of up-and-coming Ukrainian furniture brands that offer hip, modern and quite affordable items that could be a welcome addition to the interior design of your home or office space.

Drømmel is an indie furniture brand that lives up to all European standards. The brand pays much attention to the quality of their products and carefully observe the whole process of making each piece of the furniture in order to guarantee the highest quality. Drommel boast a customer-friendly service and offers live communication between brand’s team and the client; the company believes that this allows them to create a better product that will fully cater to the clients’ needs and will not only look attractive but will also be ultimately comfortable in its use.
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The brand has basic collection called "Drømmel" which represents writing tables, stands, side tables and shelves as well as bar stools - around 35 items in total. This furniture can also be custom crafted, however, in that case the price will get higher. Wood is available in three colors: pine, walnut and white. Steel can be painted in either black or white.
Drommel is currently one of the most popular local indie furniture and interior design brands that is a bright example of the new wave Ukrainian successful companies.

Futon Art is a young and bright Ukrainian furniture brand that creates futons in minimalistic design. Futons are offered in 6 juicy colors and have 3 options of transformation easily turning hip futon chair into comfy lounge sofa or cozy double bed. The mattress is made of high quality multilayered cotton according to the special Japanese technology that allows to keep the shape intact while offering soft and comfortable seating. The carcass is produced from wild unprocessed Ukrainian pine.
Couches by Futon Art are truly masterpieces of contemporary functionalism.


Home Ideas Supply (HIS.UA) is a family owned business set up by two brothers Vadym & Oleg Klymenko and Igor Martin. Their lines of plywood, metal and solid wood furniture have got the Best of Ukrainian Design in 2014, 2015 awards. The manufacturing capacities are located in Kyiv. Apart from running Home Ideas Supply both brothers are active promoters of Ukrainian product design through their HIS.UA portal - the largest online community and platform for Ukrainian designers and design aficionados.

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Vintage Manufactory is a creative workshop specializing in furniture and decor made of natural materials such as wood, leather, glass and wax.
The manufacturer not only offers standard collections but also produces custom made furniture. The assortment includes tables, stools, chairs, couches, stands, shelves, mirrors and other wall decorations, as well as furniture for nurseries. A great advantage is that you can also apply for renovation of old furniture and interior items. Production period depends on the item complexity but normally lasts from one to four weeks.

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Rodynne Derevo produces unordinary and exclusive home furniture and interior design items. The company manufactures soft, case furniture and custom furniture made of the highest quality wood as well as creates its own design collections. The furniture by Rodynne Derevo («Family tree» in Ukrainian) is truly beautiful and extraordinary and is definitely created to become the centerpiece of any contemporary home.


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Photo source: Brands' web pages and Facebook pages. All photos belong to their rightful owners. 

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