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Z collection
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Olexiy Karman is a winner of the "Interior of the Year 2015", the young and talented architect and designer who creates completely unique pieces of furniture and not only.

Olexiy, what was the start of your career?
After graduation I started to work as an architect. Once there was a case when my client could not afford the certain chair which I planned to put into his interior. So I made this chair by myself. It was my first furniture object. That was the time when everything started. Z-chair combines ergonomics and technocracy. I have changed the design for several times. In any case, this is not a mass market product.

What are the main challenges for object design today?
It is manufacture. You can create a lot of things but it is difficult to implement them in reality. I have friends who help me with metal and wood works. But I don’t know the big factories which would like to put my chair into mass production today.

IMG 06125
Tell us a bit about "Bologna Design Week" 2015, please.
The Italians really enjoyed our products. They were very much surprised to see such a level of Ukrainian object design. The result of our trip is the extension of the Ukrainian pavilion for the next year. This exhibition offered me some potential proposals in terms of collaboration. These are the first steps.

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Where is it possible to buy your chairs?
Now my chairs are presented in Prostir86 gallery. UA Concept is also ready to work with me. I want to sell my furniture through their online platform. Prototype Z collection now consists of a lamp, table, bar and semi-bar chairs, two dining chairs and a rocking chair.

What is the price for a chair?
Now it is $ 250 but if I succeed to reduce the cost the final price will be lower.


What are the ideas for the future? What are you dreaming about? 
Generally speaking I dream about peace in our country. And as a designer I want to maximize the opportunities for design development. I want to be able to build a harmonious relationship between the customer and supplier. And I’d be happy if in our country there will be no illegal and ugly buildings.

Interviewed by Anna Vishtak

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