Prices for real estate in Ukraine have changed drastically throughout the last decade, and buying or renting an apartment isn't the same as it was even several years ago. We interviewed a real estate expert with 20 years of experience, Glib Denysenko, and asked about the main tendencies for investments, the best time for investment and forecast for 2018.

Today Ukraine’s real estate market offers many wonderful opportunities and high returns on investments. Check out some tips about buying real estate property in Ukraine to find out useful information and make the final decision.

The rental market in Ukraine is relatively new and hasn't established all the necessary rules yet. Soviet heritage, with its foreigner- incomprehensible laws, still has influence on rental rules in the form of renter frightening registration. And a touchy fear for their property forces landlords to check on their property personally instead of simply having the insurance clause in the contract.

Not everyone enjoys staying in hotels while travelling. Indeed, the option of renting a nice place in Kiev will save you some money and will make an unknown city feel more cozy and familiar. So, what about Kiev accommodation rent?

In most cases the need to rent an apartment or a decision to buy property come along with a choice of reliable realty agency. If you are interested in any service that they can offer, check out the top 3 real estate agencies in Kiev.

The combination of suburban comfort and proximity to the city center, quiet area with fresh air and a huge park and compact four-story houses. This is all about recently opened Stoletof Residential Complex in Kiev.

In 2015 in Kiev the demand for capital real estate fell by 40%. This is the lowest figure since the beginning of 2000. What will happen to property prices in Kiev in the nearest future?

There is a lack of quality housing in the center of Kyiv till now. And at the same time the city real estate market has the country’s greatest demand and highest liquidity for housing.

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