Old Store: Individual Design Boutique in Kyiv

Old Store: Individual Design Boutique in Kyiv

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Old Store is a concept design store in Kyiv. It embodies the idea of individual and personal approach to the design of things. This is the very first in Ukraine space that houses various design genres such as fashion, interior decor, contemporary art items as well as the whole retrospective of various design objects.

The author of the concept and the actual project is Natasha Yehorova, a well known in Kyiv designer, decorator, stylist and interior fashion expert. Old Store offers to discover the very best traditions of European interior design, which combines history, art, modern technology and personal preferences and interests of the client. There is a great selection of Ukrainian and European antiquities, which can become stylish accents in contemporary interiors of various spaces. 

Read: Alterhaus Service in Ukraine 19800781 1878251805829911 5182280412191009429 o Old Store also uses the vintage items upcycling techniques  (restoration and restyling of vintage objects) to offer interesting and unconventional  goods to its customers. The store presents capsule collections of various Ukrainian artists, who create items which are something in between of art and designer pieces. Here you can see for yourself how organically vintage things can share spaces with contemporary art objects. 

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Read: Original Interior Design Items with Ukrainian Folk Motifs Old Store is a place for creative experiments. All the items here are carefully handpicked or specially created for this Individual Design Boutique in Kyiv. 
Address: 66A, Dmytrivska str., Kyiv; web page
Image source: Old Store Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 


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