Stoletof Residential Complex in Kiev

Stoletof Residential Complex in Kiev

The combination of suburban comfort and proximity to the city center, quiet area with fresh air and a huge park and compact four-story houses. This is all about recently opened Stoletof Residential Complex in Kiev.

Four small and compact houses, with a total of 16 apartments (4 per floor) in each of them, will save you from the bustle of the city and will surround you with atmosphere of suburban comfort. Stoletof is a club-type residential complex; it is situated on the three hectares terrain next to the park area, which means that there are not many chances for urban high-rise buildings to appear in front of your windows. This green area will soon feature children's playgrounds, bike paths and recreational areas where you can easily organize a picnic or enjoy quiet reading.

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All the houses are made with environmentally friendly materials using the latest eco-friendly technologies, which are used in Europe today.

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Stoletof Residential Complex also offers the following services and facilities:
- Private territory with recreational areas and playgrounds
- Security service and video surveillance
- Property management company that supplies all kinds of public services

- Facilities for wheelchairs
- Elevator
- Private heating system
- Underground parking for 76 seats and guest parking
- Gymnasium and kindergarten on short walk from the complex
- Nearby sports complex
Stoletof Residential Complex in Kiev has been already put into operation and is waiting for its residents!

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