Tips for Apartment Rental and Ukrainian Real Estate Sites in English

Tips for Apartment Rental and Ukrainian Real Estate Sites in English

Shelter is one of our most basic needs. Accommodation is going to be the first thing you must find in Kyiv right after you book your tickets, so here are some handy tips and some Ukrainian real estate sites in English to keep you off the streets at night.

First of all, if you’re looking for short-term accommodation, you’re in luck. Forget hotels- good apartments are available even in the very heart of Kyiv for reasonable prices. AirBnB is one option, or you might try For example, nice apartments in the center can be had for as low as $31 a night.
One thing you’ll want to check when renting a place is where to pick up the keys. Most services have their office close to their apartments, but this is not always the case. So be sure to contact the management to arrange picking up and dropping off the keys.
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Long –term rent is another matter. Locals or those with Russian or Ukrainian language skills tend to use sites like or However, if you don’t speak the language, there are some Ukrainian real estate sites in English. You’ll probably be better off with a site like All-Star Kyiv Realty. shutterstock 518934409
Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a good bargain on longer –term rent, some of the real estate sites that are geared toward foreign expats tend to specialize in higher-priced places. Be sure to ask other expats on Facebook about what is reasonable.
Even if you’ve got the languageskills to use a site like, it’s best to get an agent to help you find a place. Agents will typically charge 50% of one month’s rent, but not only will they save you a lot of hassle, but they will help you avoid fraudsters.
And speaking of fraudsters, while youshould be careful of overpriced apartments, also look out for ridiculously underpriced real estate. For a decent place outside the center, it’s going to run you somewhere around $250-300 a month. If a place and its price look too good to be true, it probably is. Occasionally an ultra-low price is quoted that turns out to be nightly, not monthly.
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Lastly, make sure any place you look at on the site has enough photos. You’ll want to see the bed, kitchen with appliances, and the whole bathroom. Be aware that many apartments have fold-out sofa beds.
When it comes to finding agents, you can search online or better yet, go with one who has been recommended to you. Remember that not only some Ukrainian real estate sites in English can help you, but Facebook has many expat-oriented groups and people are more than willing to help. And if you’re looking at a place and something doesn’t seem quite right, it’s always best to error on the side of caution. This is your home, after all.
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