Trendy Poufs from Recycled Materials

Trendy Poufs from Recycled Materials


Two young Ukrainian brands came together to create an eco-friendly capsule collection of poufs made of recycled materials. The homey comfort of WOOL BERRY felts teams up with crochet home decor brand TEPLO to bring you the 80% recycled materials comfy crochet pouf called the #Refresh edition.

WOOL BERRY is a Ukrainian brand, which makes felt handbags and purses. The creators of the brand had the idea of launching a capsule collection of home decor goods made of brand’s recycled items as well as felt trimmings left during manufacturing process. TEPLO, a well-known Ukrainian indie brand making crochet poufs, was also thinking about going eco. TEPLO team wanted to shift from the synthetic polypropylene thread and synthepon stuffing to natural materials. Both of them met at Vsi.Svoi Fair in Kyiv, discussed their ideas and vision and that’s how the #refresh capsule collection of recycled poufs popped up.
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Look in any decor magazine and you will find a pouf of some kind. These days they have become an essential detail of many trendy and fashionable interior designs. From living rooms to bedrooms, #Refresh crochet poufs are the perfect way to add an extra level of welcoming softness to your home.
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Image Source: Wool Berry Facebook page. 

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