Lyubchik: New Restaurant from Borisov Gastro Family

Lyubchik: New Restaurant from Borisov Gastro Family

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Photo: Lyubchik Facebook Page
Dima Borisov opened another concept restaurants in Kyiv. This time Borisov gastro family invite all the eager foodies to savor authentic Odessa cuisine.

Just a short time ago, there was a news that Dima Borisov closed the most popular of his restaurants in Vozdvizhenka area, GastroRock. However, the place was quickly re-branded for a new (apart from the interior design, which stays practically the same) Kyiv gastro scene venue.

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Lyubchik is an Odessa cuisine restaurant as well as a pub. This is a place to attend for various fish dishes and a pint of good beer to wash it down. The signature dish in Lyubchik is without any doubt crayfish. Crayfish in Ukraine is a popular snack, the chefs at Lyubchik prove that crayfish is an interesting gastronomic product. They serve it cooked in wine and beer or roasted and seasoned with sheep cheese and cream sauce. Black Sea shrimps, rice with crayfish and mussels, noodles with crayfish, shellfish , all these are signature dishes at Lyubchik that will go exceptionally well with their selection of international beer brews.

Prices at Lyubchik are rather democratic, 1 kilogram of crayfish costs UAH 289 and the beer snack set for the company of 4 costs UAH 145. The menu in this restaurant offers over 10 kinds of fresh Black Sea fish (flounder, garfish, glos, mullet, red mullet, and so on) and a traditional Bessarabian meat dishes. There is an all you can eat buffet special offer on weekends for UAH 300 per person including beverages.
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Lyubchik by Borisov gastro family became a welcome addition to the vibrant restaurant scene of Vozdvizhenka area in Kyiv.
Address: 10B, Vozdvizhenska street, Kyiv.

Photo: Lyubchik Facebook Page

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