Raki Club Crayfish Delivery in Kyiv

Raki Club Crayfish Delivery in Kyiv

Crayfish is popular and affordable seafood in Ukraine. Eating freshwater crayfish and drinking beer is Ukraine’s popular food traditions. The crayfish is boiled with salt, dill and beer, then chilled and eaten fresh from the shell. Raki Club is a restaurant and online shop offering fresh crayfish and an array of other seafood option that would be conveniently delivered to your door.

At Raki Club restaurant you can order already boiled or fresh crayfish to boil it yourself in the brine of your choice. Along with the crayfish one usually eats bread, strong cheese and other delicacies such as dried fish (taran’ka) and deep-fried mussels (rapans). This traditional Black Sea seafood is also available at Raki Club on-line shop.


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Beer and white wine are the traditional drinks with this snack. Eating the bright-red little critters is a messy affair... you eat them with your fingers, the only acceptable utensils being a nut cracker and a long prong to get at the meat in the claws.

Invite some friends over for a crayfish party, a traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration in Ukraine. Fresh water crayfish can be easily ordered at Raki club restaurant or on-line shop as well as an array of other local seafood delicacies.
The delivery time takes from 2 to 3 hours within Kyiv city area. This is a fun and delicious option for the get-together with friends or family picnic.
Raki Club restaurant address: 25, Dmytrivska, Kyiv
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Photo source: pinterest.com and Raki Club official web page. All photos belong to their rightful owners. 

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