Long-awaited hot summer 2018 has finally come, so we are enthusiastically planning exciting times on the beach. Of course, all the ladies wish to feel like queens on a riverside or seacoast, so they are searching for the most beautiful swimming suits. This task gets easier with our article about Ukrainian swimming suit brands: Ukrainian designers have everything to make you feel like a superstar on any beach!

The typical going through the wardrobe in the search of something comfortable yet stylish to wear is all too well known for many of us. Luckily, this year’s fashion revolves around the past decades of the 20th century, digging up trends from the 80s and 90s to bring them on the catwalk. Destinations gathered the best trends to incorporate in a 2018 summer look.

On May 15, 2018, well-known BROCARD network of perfumery and cosmetics shops opened its first conceptual boutique of niche perfumes in the very heart of Odesa. The new boutique called BROCARD Niche Bar delights with wide choice of sophisticated aromas, modern design and individual approach to each client.

Ukrainian market truly has much to offer starting from food products to high-end and ready-to-wear fashion. The latter sphere has become especially active in the recent years — new brands pop up almost every month and become nice alternatives for mass-market brands. Ukrainian lingerie brands all have a common feature — they are made only from natural materials. Sure enough, they all differ in designs and style to fit every size and shape.

If the latest fashion trend with oversized Balenciaga sneakers doesn’t tickle your fancy, it might be the right time to apply to the local brands. In the latest years Ukrainian fashion has made a great leap from haute couture-only to various manufacturers who produce ready-to-wear apparel. Moreover, many Ukrainian companies usually offer custom tailoring — and it’s true even when it comes to shoes.

Viktoria Kozlova, famous Ukrainian business lady, fashion expert, the co-owner of One Group shares her recommendations about summer “must haves” for men based on the last fashion trends of the world famous brands.

With the rise of sustainable fashion, the tradition of buying clothes for festive events slowly but surely fades away. Instead, more and more customers choose to rent the whole look and feel like a celebrity on the red carpet while wearing Valentino, Vera Wang or Dior. Following the world trends, dress rental has become incredibly popular in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities as well.

«Vsi.Svoi» (All Ours), the largest platform of Ukrainian manufacturers, will be hosting the special pop-up market during the Champions League final. Ukrainian Design Market is a four-day event which will take place on Khreschatyk Street from 24th to 27th of May.

Shopping spots in Lviv now boast something for every budget from classy and pricey shops selling designer clothes to more affordable shopping malls selling mass-market popular brands. With Soviet-era austerity now a thing of the past, you can enjoy pleasant shopping experience in Lviv. In recent years Lviv turned into shopping destination of Western Ukraine with impressive selection of brand’s boutiques, shopping malls and pop-up fashion fairs.

These super cute felt toys are guaranteed to make you smile. The Ukrainian crafter makes adorable felted wool sculptures which make food look absolutely adorable. 

Odessa is a perfect place for many activities: relaxing on the beach, partying, going out to restaurants, enjoying beautiful architecture… Hmmm, looks like we have forgotten to add one more pleasant option to that list… Of course! Shopping! This is one more activity that most of us truly love. The best 5 shopping malls of sunny Odessa welcome us to satisfy our desire for buying new things and having fun!

The new collection by Luba Makarenko for a Ukrainian fashion brand Sayya was inspired by aesthetics of the 80s and 90s — the time when the whole world had been busy discovering various subcultures. Exquisite faded silhouettes, bright colors and flowing fabrics reflect the emotions and mood of that time.

On April 17, a new L’AKMUS Bags & Shoes store was opened in a popular shopping center Ocean Plaza in Kyiv. The brand finally entered offline retail after 3 years of successful sales online. An official distributor of famous brands like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, L’AKMUS found its place on the Ukrainian market. Let’s see what else it has in store.

In mere years wearing Ukrainian fashion brands has grown from an unusual trend to a common thing: many local manufacturers proved to be reliable, stylish and reasonably priced, earning their rightful place in Ukrainians’ wardrobes. This March, one more outlet appeared in Kyiv - this time on the left bank.

According to the legendary Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, black is a multifaceted color: it can be modest and arrogant at the time, lazy or seductive, and certainly mysterious. Another fashion legend, Yves Saint Laurent, established a trend of black turtlenecks, so popular among businessman for more than 50 years. Ukrainian fashionistas adore the color as well — that’s why a young couple from Ukraine decided to open an online store that sells exclusively black clothes, including those from the local brands.

Summer in Italy is always a kind of love adventure with the flavor of the sea and sweet flowers. Portofino with its fresh breeze, small ancient stony streets, bright flowers and white yachts became the background of the new Couture de FLeur SS’18 collection.

Kurazh Bazar, a monthly Kyiv-based event uniting flea market, live concerts, fun activities, bars and food courts, is going to open its 2018 season with an unusual China Start market. The guests of this year`s first Kurazh Bazar will have a chance to celebrate Chinese New Year (yes, in March!) in the light of Chinese lanterns, to taste Chinese cuisine dishes and to buy unique things from China and many other places.

The late coming of spring to Ukraine allowed us to enjoy winter trends like oversized 'duvet' coats longer that we probably wished to. As the sun shyly goes out, it's high time to check the wardrobe for the latest trends in spring. Some of them will certainly make a bold statement — just like they did in 80s. Destinations picked 5 fashion trends for spring 2018 you can easily find in various stores, vintage shops, and most importantly — in your wardrobe.

The new season is almost here, which means it's high time to check the wardrobe. If you find yourself in despair at the abundance of old, boring and faded clothes, fear not — Destinations picked best Ukrainian brands that will restore the lively mood and make it strong each new spring day.

Each year market is filled with more and more trendy shops, that usually belong to one or two monster corporations. Not only those shops promote so called 'fast fashion', harmful for ecology of our planet, but also have pretty poor quality of clothing: missing buttons, ugly seams or prints that lose their color after the first laundry… Luckily, with small and independent brands it's not a problem. Let's see which Ukrainian brands make the best menswear.

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