The weekend dedicated to International Women’s Day will be special for ladies who like shopping. The biggest malls of the capital have some holiday offers!

While choosing gifts for women sometimes one wants to stay away from the well-known trivial options. To add originality to them you can choose one of the trendy ‘made in Ukraine’ variants that you can find in Kiev. However, if you prefer to stick to the classics, Ukrainian capital has also a lot to offer for choosing a perfect gift.

Destinations visited the first store of men’s casual clothing of Ukrainian brands – Semantic – and talked to Olya Polovko, its owner.

For the first time Ukrainian fashion has declared itself in the capital of avant-garde fashion so loudly. 8 young but already well-known in Ukraine and abroad designers presented their brands and the country during London Fashion Week.

Destinations lead us to really unique places in Kiev as well as to very interesting people, like Olya Polovko and her Leaf shop of lingerie and garments.

Stylish and modern Kiev has everything to offer to all sorts of fashion crowds, even the most creative and extraordinary ones. Check out the best creative stores in Kiev for the most amazing shopping.

The combination of expensive materials, exclusive design and Ukrainian traditions bring a unique, authentic and original soul to the pieces from Karpov & Karpova Jewellery.

Paris, New York, Milan and London are the world fashion ‘meccas’. Kiev does not lay up the claim to stand on the same scale. However, Ukrainian capital can be considered the one taking a leading position in the Eastern European fashion world with its huge and loud Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Dynamo Kyiv Shop


The football fans should not only miss a chance to attend Dynamo Kyiv’s match at the OLIMPYISKY stadium, but should also visit the club’s museum and get some souvenirs at the Dynamo Kyiv Shop.

Ukraine is a multicultural country, but still the most common languages here are Ukrainian and Russian. However, a niche for other languages is mostly represented with foreign literature. You just need to know where to look for it.

The essence of LAKE studio lays in the idea of concise casual chic that creates not even fashion, but style.

American Vogue has published a list of the best shopping outlets in Kiev, which was prepared by well-known Ukrainian model Nadia Shapoval. The same article states that Kiev “might be one of the coolest places for shopping in Europe."

If you want to inspire your life with bright colors and blossom of spring you will buy at least one of the beautiful dresses from the new collection of Couture De Fleur.

Art and interior designer Lidiya Pfayfer founded Blood & Honey brand in autumn of 2014. A mini-collection of fur scarves in unusual bright colors became her debut in the fashion world. By the way, this collection was sold out in a couple of days.

At Milan Fashion Week this January Dolce&Gabbana famous Italian fashion house models showed collection to the sound of Morricone soundtracks and brought back memories of Sergio Leone movies.

In 2009 Alina Malyushkina was the editor of “Afisha” (Billposter) magazine where she had been writing about the new clothing shops for several years. But at that time the good stores were uncommon. Just then Alina decided to create her own store. Today “The One” concept store is a very famous shopping point in Kyiv.

Ksenia Schnaider brand is well-known in Ukraine nowadays and is created by a young couple Ksenia and Anton. The designers participate in all modern fashion shows in the country and also are getting famous abroad.

Passage has been always a special place for VIP guests of the city and for those who live in the capital. It is both a street and a house that consists of the two buildings located opposite each other and connected by passageways.

The idea to create Oberig (protective amulet) jewelry brand with ethnic roots and sacred meaning came to Tatiana Kondratyuk about 5 years ago at a formal reception in Canada. According to the dress code everyone had to be dressed in black as well as had to wear accessories symbolizing the national traditions of the countries represented by the guests.

Red is the main colour of Christmas decoration and new Yamamay collection.

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