Ukrainian brand BEVZA, the resident of Ukrainian Fashion Week, presented new collection in the official schedule of New York Fashion Week. Ukrainian label Bevza by Svetlana Bevza was established in 2006. It is a well-known brand in Ukraine now making an international premier.

From August 30th to September 3rd, Kyiv hosted Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and its Spring-Summer 2018 season. It was a five-day fashion marathon that set the start of a series of shows all over the world. Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days  is the international fashion week, which is aimed at the global promotion of a new generation of East European brands.

When creating SS/18 collection within Ukrainian Fashion Week, Olena Dats was inspired by the work of the Austrian modernist Gustav Klimt and the graphic artist Aubry Beardsley. The entire collection is trimmed in white, golden and black colors.

“Look into the Future” national  contest among young fashion designers was founded in 2000 and became a starting point for many, now well-known and established designers like Elena Burenina, Andre Tan,  Natalia Kamenska, Olesia Kononova, Artem Klimchuk, Ksenia Schnaider, Oleksandr Kanevski, Olena Przhonska, Dina Lynnyk, Yasya Khomenko, Masha Reva, Ivan Frolov, Jean Gritsfeldt and other renowned designers.   

Vozdvizhenka, being one of the most beautiful and prestigious districts of Kyiv, has numerous attractions. Along with fascinating views and worthy cafes and restaurants, it also offers a plenty of interesting shops and boutiques. Destinations prepared a list of the best concept stores in Vozdvizhenka for all lovers of elite shopping.

This collaboration collection by designer NASTASIA KLIMT and THE OTHERS brand reveals the individuality of both parties of the project as well as showcases the harmony in the fashion items they have created. The footwear collection features neon brightness and ethereal feel.

Vogue, the iconic fashion magazine, has recently named the Ukrainian vyshyvanka the hottest trend of the season. Hence, the Ukrainian influence has fully arrived in our closets and Ukrainian ethnic motives are the trendiest thing you can add to your  wardrobe.

Ukrainian designer Goar Mikaelyan has recently founded her brand GOAR, whose main idea is the disclosure of inner harmony and the potential of women's beauty.

Autumn is considered to be bleak and gloomy season. But not this time! Cloth mode 2017 will definitely turn dull fall into bright rise! Take a look at fashionable trends designers are crush on in autumn 2017 season.

Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days  is the international fashion week, which is aimed at the global promotion of a new generation of East European brands. The 15th season of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days S/S’18 will take place in Kyiv from August 30th to September 3rd, 2017.

Spring-Summer 2018 fashion season started with a series of exciting shows and high-profile presentations in the capital of Ukraine.

On September 4 - 10, 2017 the Ukrainian Fashion Week shows of SS18 collections will take place in Kyiv in Mystetskyy Arsenal.

On September 2-3, 2017 city dwellers and guests are welcome to “95th Day of Summer” festival, organized by Searching for Made in Ukraine project. On the upcoming festival, everyone will have an opportunity to purchase diverse Ukrainian products created by 350 manufacturers from the whole country. The visitors will be offered clothes, hand-made souvenirs, food and many other interesting things.

The showroom of Sekta, one of the oldest Kyiv clothes brand, has recently opened in the center of Ukrainian capital. Sekta brand produces clothing with “twisted mind” prints created by various artists from all over the world. The brand mainly creates T-shirts, but offers sweatshirts, long sleeves, pants, hats, backpacks and other items as well. The prints of Sekta clothes are bright, unusual and sometimes shocking, so it is a perfect choice for open-minded and creative people, who tend to think out of the box.

Travelers always want to bring home some little keepsakes that would remind us of the memories associated with the visited places once we are back home. We all want to be original and get something really special and unique in a gift store, but very often we get stuck buying cheap knick knacks from tourist traps. Vernissage Market is number one destination to shop for traditional Ukrainian gifts and souvenirs in Lviv.

In August, it is the right time to wear the lightest and the most colorful clothes. The temperature outside gets extremely hot, so no long sleeves and strong fabrics are allowed. Let`s take a look at the current offers from Ukrainian brands, which will help you to create bright summer look.

Katrin Kym is the first Ukrainian modern Muslim clothes brand. Combining traditions of East with the newest trends, it creates unforgettable looks which keep to Islamic rules of clothing. Katrin Kym designs Muslim outfits for stylish women and young girls, who live in a big city and want to look elegant, gorgeous and beautiful every day.

Ukraine can boast a great variety of high-tech startups which offer the most interesting gadgets that will for sure come in handy in any household or will just simplify many tasks in our everyday life. We rounded up a list of the most recent and interesting made-in-Ukraine gadgets designed by local startup companies.

Kurazh Bazar, the biggest and the most popular flea market and thrift fair in Kyiv, invites to attend its August event themed around Hip-Hop music and all things connected to it. Kurazh Bazar is a major charity fair, which raises money for various good causes and offers a diverse and exciting program.

Summer is the perfect season for showing off new trends, brands and for making bold fashion choices. Whether you'll be lounging at the beach, the lake, or the pool this summer, you're going to need some killer accessories to go with your new swimsuits and summer dresses.

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