The summer is in full bloom, so those who have not spent a relaxing day on the beach yet, have to hurry up! Now it is the right time to plan a great vacation by the sea. And, of course, ladies definitely need new stylish swimming suits to enjoy their own reflection in the mirror and to impress all the beach visitors with their breathtaking beauty. Let`s take a look at some fancy swimming suits offered by Ukrainian brands in summer 2017.

As much as running shoes continue to evolve, there are some people who would still admire the original pair of 80s kicks much more than modern day shoes. Quickstrike is a vintage sneakers showroom that has recently been opened in Kyiv, offering a great array of original sneakers from the most popular brands.

Summer season always brings us desire to look beautiful, bright and charming, and purchase of new brand clothes is one of the best ways to achieve it. This year, many well-known Ukrainian brands present their new summer collections, which will definitely help to create new impressive image. Let`s take a look at the best offers from Ukrainian designers for summer 2017.

Kurazh Bazar, the biggest and the most popular flea market and thrift fair in Kyiv, invites to attend its July event. This is a major charity fair, which raises money for various good causes and offers a diverse and exciting program.

From Chanel's camellia to Christian Dior's lily of the valley, flowers have been a constant source of inspiration to jewelers throughout the ages. However, designers dove into maximalist territory even more with dazzling and dramatic jewelry designs for Summer 2017. As hot weather arrives, florals are making their way out of our corner street bodega and into our closets. 

Purity Fashion Studio, a new gorgeous boutique of similarly-named brand, was recently opened in Novopechersky Lipki district in Kyiv. This event was a real gift and a pleasure for many fashion lovers.

In June Odesa hosted Holiday Fashion Week, one of the most anticipated fashion events in Ukraine. Odesa Holiday Fashion Week is a project of Ukrainian Fashion Week, which presents cruise collections of Ukrainian and international designer brands as well as highlights all the major fashion trends for the upcoming summer season.

Grocery shopping can sometimes seem like a chore, but it’s also one of the best opportunities to make small, eco-friendly changes that can have a big impact. is the first in Ukraine shopping platform, which offers the rich assortment of certified organic products as well as storage and logistic services for organic goods makers.

The summer 2017 collection, presented by the Italian brand Yamamay, anticipates the dreams of an unforgettable vacation. Juicy colors, trendy designs, spectacular prints and ethnic motifs characterize the new models of swimsuits.

Kurazh Bazar is the biggest and the most popular flea market and thrift fair in Kyiv. This is also a major charity event, which raises money for various good causes. Kurazh Bazar donates a part of the earned income after each its event, however once in a year, after Kurazh Bazar: Charity all the money goes to the particular charity fund or organization.

On June 17–20 Odesa will host Holiday Fashion Week, one of the most anticipated fashion events in Ukraine. Holiday Fashion Week is a project of Ukrainian Fashion Week, which presents cruise collections of designer brands.

On May 2017 The ONE Brand announced the backpack with the innovative product design and functionality. It was presented on the 20th of May at Kickstarter as a result of 2 years’ developing of this unique product. The main item, that differs The ONE backpack from others – is that it consists of two parts: the leather backpack & customizable outer Shell.

Summer dresses are without a doubt the easiest way to perfect your seasonal style. They don’t just keep you cool, they’re also very easy to wear. You don’t need to worry about coordinating complicated outfits, just throw it on, add a pair of sandals and a cute bag, and you’re good to go. Luckily, Ukrainian fashion brands came up with what looks like an endless list of options for stylish summer frocks.

The variety of the Ukrainian traditional garments is characterized by wide regional and ethnic diversity. Different regions of the country have their own details in garments. Among the most popular styles are the following ones: Hutsul, Lemkiv and Rusyn. Close proximity to other cultures and ethnic groups (Hungarians, Poles, Gypsies etc) resulted in the multiformity of the Ukrainian traditional garment.

Visitors of Odessa, charmed by this charismatic city, often want to buy special souvenirs and presents for themselves, friends and family to keep the memory of Odessa holidays. Check out some interesting locations and shops to purchase the best Ukrainian souvenirs in Odessa.

The first G48 Market will take place at Art-Zavod Platforma cultural space on 13-14 May in Kyiv. This event will present 150 best Ukrainian designers of clothes, shoes and accessories. The market will be a part of Ulichnaya Eda May 2017 street food festival. G48 is the new format of Ukrainian designers market, initiated by Gallery 48 and Art-Zavod Platforma trendsetter companies. This project is going to bust stereotypes about medium and mass market and to show brand high-quality products, available for everyone.

Ukrainian designers have created new 2017 spring shoes collections for their most demanding clients. The new trends of this season are babouches, mule shoes and brogues, generously represented by a variety of Ukrainian brands.

There are a lot of stores and supermarkets in Kyiv, small and large ones. However, there are several supermarkets, which are popular among locals and guests of the city, because they can offer a wide variety of goods online as well.

13th One Day Shop in Lviv will be a fun and atmospheric event starting the series of popular summer pop-up fairs. One Day Shop fair is a perfect place to shop for authentic souvenirs, designer clothes from young Ukrainian brands and spend some quality time with your friends and family listening to good music and enjoying delicious food at One Day Shop food court.

As the nights get longer and invariably colder, the idea of cosy-ing up in your PJs becomes even more inviting. Putting on your favorite pajamas is a sure-bet way to unwind. From snuggly sleepwear to lavish loungewear, «Destinations» rounds up top 5 Ukrainian pajama brands that promise to keep you snug and looking seriously stylish.

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