Photo: Rambutan Facebook Page
Tucked away in the heart of Kiev downtown, Rambutan Fruit Studio quickly became the most famous fruit seller in the city. This atmospheric shop offers an impressive array of fresh fruits, smoothies, jams and wines.

A single most important fashion trade event of Western Ukraine starts on August 17th, 2016 in Lviv. The trade show will last for 4 days, until August 20th and will welcome over 150 brands of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel.

Photo: One Day Shop Facebook Page
11th One Day Shop in Lviv will be a fun and atmospheric event ending the series of popular summer pop-up fairs.

Dress and bag renting company Miss Princess Studio in Lviv makes it easy to borrow designer goods at 10-20 % of their original price. Now every girl can afford to continuously have new dresses without having to buy them, and without being seen wearing the same thing over and over again.

Photo: ‘Otaman’ Official Facebook page
At ‘Otaman’ boutique in Kiev you will find Cossack’s clothes and traditional Ukrainian wedding wear, relevant nowadays. Here you can see and buy unique handmade clothes and accessories as well as meet artists who made them!

Ukrainian designer brands are an emerging phenomenon not only for their native market, but also for the Western fashion world. They are sold in international online shops, make a part of collective stores all around the globe, some even open their boutiques in Europe, USA and Asia, and the #madeinukraine hashtag gained incredible popularity in social networks.

Lviv’s most anticipated summer garage sale hosted by #Ganok creative group will be happening on Saturday, July 30th. This bazaar event is the perfect spin-off to the summer garage sales and pop-up shop festivals season in Lviv.

It seems like Ukrainian ethnic motives became a big hit in world fashion. Did you know that super popular this summer boho embroidered garb is actually a part of a traditional Ukrainian costume created hundreds of years ago?

On July 16 - 17, 2016 “Karavan” mall will be hosting fashion shopping event “Karavan Fashion Days”. It is an opportunity to shop in style, directly from Ukrainian designers, who offer their signature collections and goods.

Ukraine has been in the forefront of international thought a lot recently, but its reach has extended far beyond the front page—whether you were aware or not, the Ukrainian influence has fully arrived in our closets. 

They say charity begins at home. Lviv based Community of Mutual Aid “Oselya» is bringing that good old saying to whole new level by transforming donated stuff from people homes into real homes for those in need. On July 9th Oselya Community of Mutual Aid is hosting Lviv annual major garage sale to help homeless. 

Photo: ‘Tuto Vzuto’
A new store of Ukrainian ‘Tuto Vzuto’ brand has recently opened in the fashionable area of Vozdvizhenka in Kiev. Here you can find the most popular and interesting models by the brand, already known to capital’s residents.

Photo: Flow the Label Official Facebook page
FLOW the Label is the modern Ukrainian brand that aims to revive genuine femininity by placing it into new aspects relevant to contemporary fashion and social contexts.

‘Look into the Future’ is the Ukrainian competition for young designers. The final part of this project is one of the most anticipated events of X Odessa Holiday Fashion Week and will be held on June 27, 2016 in Odessa.

The anniversary tenth season of Odessa Holiday Fashion Week, this summer’s most memorable fashion event, will traditionally be held during the last weekend of June on the coast of Black Sea.

Photo: Suitster Official Facebook page
Suitster is the online store that represents contemporary Ukrainian fashion designer labels as well as famous international brands.

Photo: Kurazh Bazar Official Facebook page
The next Charity Kurazh Bazar is going to be held during the weekend of June 18-19, 2016 at its traditional location – Platforma Art-Zavod. This unique event is the first philanthropic flea market in Ukraine that gives a chance for everyone to contribute to a big common goal.

New look styles with puffy skirts, or, on the contrary, with deliberately narrow ones, the models with unnaturally deep cleavage and other elements of the kind are stepping away from the fashion trends.

Photo: ARTEMKLIMCHUK Official Facebook page
ARTEMKLIMCHUK is an extraordinary brand on the landscape of Ukrainian fashion world that produces special things for special people.

Photo: NAVRO Official Facebook page
Success of Ukrainian fashion stylist and designer Olga Navrotska is largely due to its browsing to vividness and stylish madness: evening dresses, suits and handmade accessories are decorated with unicorns, big flowers, lavender and willow, as well as the sun and moon images.

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