“95th Day of Summer: Searching for Made in Ukraine” Festival in Kyiv

“95th Day of Summer: Searching for Made in Ukraine” Festival in Kyiv
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On September 2-3, 2017 city dwellers and guests are welcome to “95th Day of Summer” festival, organized by Searching for Made in Ukraine project. On the upcoming festival, everyone will have an opportunity to purchase diverse Ukrainian products created by 350 manufacturers from the whole country. The visitors will be offered clothes, hand-made souvenirs, food and many other interesting things.

Searching for Made in Ukraine project is a virtual and real platform, which helps Ukrainians and Europeans to discover more about Ukrainian products and services. The project was established by Yulia Savostina, a journalist and a blogger, as a personal experiment. Since 2013, the platform searches for the best domestic productions in order to present them to the wide audience. The project was awarded the first place in Ukrainian Event Awards 2016 contest in “The Best B2C Exhibition” nomination. Searching for Made in Ukraine festivals are regularly held in different Ukrainian cities such as Kyiv, Odesa, Vinnytsia.
During “95th Day of Summer” festival, the guests will have a chance to buy different tasty food and drinks, unique hand-made clothes and souvenirs, fancy jewelry, beautiful accessories and many other useful things made by Ukrainian masters.
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In these warm September days, visitors of the festival will enjoy exciting shopping as well as good relaxation. After buying everything needed, guests can chill on comfortable chairs, listening to nice music. Besides, everyone will be welcome to take funny and beautiful pictures in a large photo area.
The festival organizers are going to pay special attention to entertainment of children. Kids will be amused by animators and will be able to join different master-classes.
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“95th Day of Summer” festival is pet-friendly. You can bring your dog to a special restaurant for pets, take a picture in photo area for animals and have a nice walk around festival territory.
With “95th Day of Summer: Searching for Made in Ukraine” festival in Kyiv your summer never ends!
Where: Kontraktova square, Kyiv
When: September 2-3, 2017
Opening hours: 10:00- 20:00
Enter: free
Photo source: Facebook page of Searching for Made in Ukraine. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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