Alina Zamanova’s Collection at 2016-2017 Ukrainian Fashion Week

Alina Zamanova’s Collection at 2016-2017 Ukrainian Fashion Week

Alina Zamanova presented her debut brand collection in the art space of the 38th Ukrainian Fashion Week. For now, it consists of luxury scarves and exclusive art-clothing collection, painted by the artist herself.

Alina Zamanova has already worked with the Alexander McQueen Fashion House, collaborated with SHOW studio, such designers as Yana Chervinska and Kylie Jenner, photographer Sasha Samsonova. In this season she also worked with the London designer Bianca Thoyer-Rozat to create a collection of clothes with material that would serve as a canvas for designers.

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The destruction of the stereotypes of beauty and creation of exclusive things with their own history and mood play a significant role in Alina Zamanova’s first collection.

The cabaret, flora and natural elements motifs were the main inspiration for the collection of scarves that were hand drawn and transformed into illustrated prints.

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The limited collection of art-clothing is the representation of the love for art, expressive lines and colors. To create the presentation ‘performance’, young designer took inspiration from the 1992 collection of Maison Martin Margiela 1992year, Alexander McQueen’s works and French movies.

According to Alina Zamanova, the main purpose of the brand is to create new and unique fashion items that have a strong attach to art.

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