FRESH FASHION DAY Platform for Young Designers

FRESH FASHION DAY Platform for Young Designers

On February 8th, Ukrainian Fashion Week will present the new Fresh Fashion Day project. It aims at promoting and helping young Ukrainian designers to showcase their works to local and international customers.

This season UFW will traditionally host Fresh Fashion Day project helping aspiring local designers to present their new collections to the widest fashion crowd available in Ukraine. The shows of Fresh Fashion Days participants will take place at Mystetsky Arsenal on February 8th, 2017. Also, this year Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) will pick the lucky designer who will get the full scholarship for studying fashion and design in Milano or Florence.
Fresh Fashion Day in February 2017 will include shows of the following designers: Nadia YURKIV, CHUYKO, Darja DONEZZ, HOLLY by Timkova-Liakhovska, Ivan FOTESKO, J.Perekriostova, Komashnya, Nikita Melenevskiy, ROUSSIN by Sofia Rousinovich, Yanina Studio, Kir-Khartley.
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The Campaign for the Fresh Fashion Day was created by Kyrylo Kharytoncev, stylist and designer, and Sonya Plakydyuk, popular fashion photographer and judge of the Ukraine’s Next Top Model.
The fashion story for the Fresh Fashion Day Campaign featured clothes and accessories of such top Ukrainian designers as Anya Kharchenko, Dastish Fantastish, J.Perekriostova, Kir-Khartley, LAKSMI by Maryana Steshenko, Nadia Yurkiv, Olya Shul, ROUSSIN by Sofia Rousinovich, Yana Belyaeva, bobkova.

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