Halloween Costume Shopping in Kiev

Halloween Costume Shopping in Kiev

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The history of celebration Halloween in Ukraine is rather scarce. Halloween costume business is not really an industry yet. Comparing to stores in the US and Europe, which offer costumes for kids and adults, plus plenty of creepy decor for Halloween parties, shops in Ukraine propose a limited number of outfits, typically offering a choice between witch and vampire.

Even if you don’t plan on any trick-or-treating, costumes still matter. Despite rather short selection of costume options in Kiev, there is some choice. One of the most popular places to buy or rent a costume is «Party Shop», located on Lvivska Square. This shop also functions as an on-line shop, where you can check the availability, prices and sizes of Halloween costumes.
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The Halloween section here is bigger than in most stores, including costumes of black and white angels (UAH 600- 700), a devil (UAH 600), a zombie (UAH 600 - 700), a prisoner (UAH 400), witches (UAH 400-600) and even a stormtrooper from the Star Wars movie (UAH 2000). Costumes of pirates, knights and princesses can be found in other, non-Halloween sections, and will also do for the holiday night.


In case you don’t want to wear a costume, but are willing to add a Halloween touch to your look, choose among numerous spooky accessories, like wigs, false beards and masks. Prices start from UAH 50 for gangster mustaches, funny false glasses and go up to UAH 200-300 for tremendous viking beards and wigs. Elfin ears, goblin noses and vampire make-up kits, buckets of artificial blood and cobwebs are also available.


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You can also rent a costume here. The rental section is rather broad, however, it is highly recommended to reserve the costume in advance. Here one can find costumes of Greek gods, barbarians, Indians and various historic and fictional personalities. Batman, Darth Vader and Cleopatra are all available for rent, with prices for the night starting from UAH 200.


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Online shopping
is probably the best option for finding Halloween costumes in Ukraine. There are some nice online places to shop for costumes that offer dedicated on-line customer service and fast delivery. The biggest on-line shop for Halloween costumes and accessories in Ukraine is www.trickortreat.kiev.ua. It offers a wide selection of funny, spooky and cute costumes as well as costumes for couples and kids. Another on-line shop www.balagan.com.ua boasts a decent variety of costumes for kids, couples and plus-size costumes. The shop is operating from Kharkiv and offers fast delivery to all the Ukrainian cities.


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One may struggle to find a killer Halloween costume in Kiev, however there is a number of themed shops in Ukraine’s capital that offer a decent selection of Halloween goods. «Destinations» rounded up top places to shop for Halloween costumes and accessories in Kiev.

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