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Famous mom of Elon Mask visited Kyiv and took part in a “@work” business conference organized by Marie Claire magazine. Within this event SOVA Jewelry brand has the honor to make a gift for this outstanding lady.

A beautiful look always needs a perfect finishing touch – of course, we are talking about jewelry. Each girl knows that gorgeous necklaces, fancy bracelets and elegant earrings are essential part of an impressive image. Ukrainian brands offer a variety of lovely jewelry for any taste.

From Chanel's camellia to Christian Dior's lily of the valley, flowers have been a constant source of inspiration to jewelers throughout the ages. However, designers dove into maximalist territory even more with dazzling and dramatic jewelry designs for Summer 2017. As hot weather arrives, florals are making their way out of our corner street bodega and into our closets. 

Whether you're in the market for a precious ring or diamond necklace, head to these top jewelry stores for all your bauble needs. “Destinations” rounds up the list of the best Kyiv jewelry stores with great selection of items from quirky to custom and everything in between.

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On October 20th, Passage in Kyiv will host Oksana Levchenya-Konstantynovska «Soul Searching» virtual reality art-project. Guests of the event will have a chance to explore the mesmerizing world of human body cells which reminds of abstract art masterpieces.

The spirit of nature lives in this bijoutry and it is created by three brothers - Yuri, Roman and Igor Kochut, young and creative guys from Uzhgorod. “Destinations” had an occasion to talk to them and is happy to share this interview.

In 2002 the first collection of KLEYNOD Ukrainian watches appeared. The main feature of this brand is to follow the highest European standards of modern watches production.

The combination of expensive materials, exclusive design and Ukrainian traditions bring a unique, authentic and original soul to the pieces from Karpov & Karpova Jewellery.

The idea to create Oberig (protective amulet) jewelry brand with ethnic roots and sacred meaning came to Tatiana Kondratyuk about 5 years ago at a formal reception in Canada. According to the dress code everyone had to be dressed in black as well as had to wear accessories symbolizing the national traditions of the countries represented by the guests.

Rolex SA is one of the most popular companies in the world and this Swiss brand is associated with luxury and wealthy lifestyle. It is interesting that the man who founded it was not a hereditary watchmaker. He was not even originally from Switzerland.

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