Best Kyiv Jewelry Stores

Best Kyiv Jewelry Stores

Whether you're in the market for a precious ring or diamond necklace, head to these top jewelry stores for all your bauble needs. “Destinations” rounds up the list of the best Kyiv jewelry stores with great selection of items from quirky to custom and everything in between.

SOVA Jewelry

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SOVA is Ukrainian jewelry brand that has been around for almost 15 years. However, 2 years ago the company has undergone the major re-branding and became one of the most known and popular local jewelry brands. SOVA is a smart abbreviation for S — stylish, O — open, V — voicing, A — amazing. SOVA jewelry house is real trendsetter in the field of stylish jewelry in Ukraine and also the promoter of such thing as jewelry wardrobe for women.
SOVA is contemporary democratic and hot-right-now jewelry brand that has an endless selection of stylish al-time favorites as well as the latest jewelry trends items.
The brand has the big number of jewelry boutiques all over Ukraine - check the store locations at their official web page.

Guzema Jewelry

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Guzema Fine Jewelry is a jewelry brand created in Ukraine and well recognized around the world already. The secret of every jewelry item by Guzema is the subtle approach of Valeriya Guzema, chief designer, as well as the impeccable technique of the best goldsmiths and … a little bit of magic. Gizmo brand creates hip and trendy-right-now adornments. Laconism, universality, high quality — there are three compulsory components for Guzema Jewelry design. All jewelry items are handmade from finest white and yellow gold (14k). Every piece of jewelry is marked with the fineness mark and logo.
All items can be ordered at Guzema official web page.
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Oberig jewelry brand was created by Tatiana Kondratyuk back in 2010. The brand instantly gained a certain level of popularity among those who are fond of authentic Ukrainian culture and ethnography.
Patterns of Oberig ornaments have been selected by ethnographers based on their interpretation of the meaning of these figures. For some people Oberig is a very special brand with its philosophy but for others it is simply exquisite jewelry, unique and vibrant.
Today Oberig offers jewelry that has special meaning and reflects history and cultural traditions of the Ukrainians.
Oberig boutique address: 4, Hrushevs'koho Str., Kyiv.


Zarina is a well-established chain of jewelry suppliers with 30 stores currently operating in Ukraine. Their main goal is to provide customers with exclusive pieces of jewelry in their dedicated stores. ZARINA is one of the most famous and brightest brands on the jewelry market of Ukraine. This Jewelry House was one of the first to use white gold, black and cognac diamonds in their jewelry items. Many Ukrainian celebrities and socialites represented the brand. These days ZARINA offers unique jewelry with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, topaz and other precious stones.
Check the addresses of the ZARINA stores in all major cities of Ukraine on their official web page.

Kochut Handcrafted Jewelry

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Kochut jewelry brand is a family run company created back in 2011 by 3 brothers from Uzhgorod. Creating jewelry started as a hobby for them but soon became a fool time occupation.
They work in different techniques. One of the most difficult is Mokume-Gane, which is based on a combination of metals – several layers of silver and gold, which create interesting patterns of waves or tree structure. They also use forging, stamping, melting, etching, electroplating, casting and engraving. The materials predominantly are gold and silver, natural stones and uncut crystals.
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Ukraine has many aspiring and interesting jewelry brands and jewelry designers. «Destinations» rounds up the best Kyiv jewelry brands and stores.

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