SOVA Jewelry House Gifted a Special Necklace to Maye Musk

SOVA Jewelry House Gifted a Special Necklace to Maye Musk

Famous mom of Elon Mask visited Kyiv and took part in a “@work” business conference organized by Marie Claire magazine. Within this event SOVA Jewelry brand has the honor to make a gift for this outstanding lady.

Maye is not just the mother of the most famous businessman in the world, Elon Mask, but also an influential businesswoman, top model and a popular dietician. In her 69 years old this woman signs contracts with world famous brands, appears at the covers of top magazines, speaks motivational lectures and can really teach a lot.
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On this occasion, leading jewelers in Kyiv have developed a unique necklace. The decoration depicts Mars, a planet that the son of Maye, Elon, plans to colonize in the near future. The jewelry is made of red gold due to the second name of Mars – a red planet. There is black engraving of the relief of Mars. Throughout the length of the necklace there is a galaxy of stars of white pearls.
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"We are honored to make exclusive products, especially for such legendary persons as Maye. We are glad that we had the opportunity to create such a unique decoration, "- says Anna Koval, marketing director of SOVA brand.
Photos provided by PR service of SOVA Jewelry House

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