Kurazh Bazar: Charity on June 17th & 18th, 2017 in Kyiv

Kurazh Bazar: Charity on June 17th & 18th, 2017 in Kyiv

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Kurazh Bazar is the biggest and the most popular flea market and thrift fair in Kyiv. This is also a major charity event, which raises money for various good causes. Kurazh Bazar donates a part of the earned income after each its event, however once in a year, after Kurazh Bazar: Charity all the money goes to the particular charity fund or organization.

During the 3 years of its existence, Kurazh Bazar donated over 2,4 million UAH for cancer medicine for children, for much needed medical equipment for children with heart diseases and equipment for miscarried newborns. You can learn more about Kurazh Bazar charity projects here. This year the event is dedicated to the socialization of children with various disabilities. All the raised money will be donated to the very special and unique summer camp for disabled children and children with hearing disabilities.

On June 17th and 18th, Kurazh Bazar: Charity will offer a big playing ground, where children with disabilities and without them, children with different interests and hobbies will have a chance to play all together and become friends, as childhood does not recognize disabilities.
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Stilt walkers, trampolines, swings and slides, giant bubbles, sandboxes these are only few of all the entertainment options that will await parents and children at Kurazh Bazar. There will also be fun-science, theater, young magicians workshops as well as areas where children can paint, dance and play music. The giant rollerdrome invites to roller skate children and parents to the vibrant music tunes. Experienced instructors will be giving free roller skating lessons. All the guests are welcome to try canine-assisted therapy, where friendly specially trained dogs will help children feel better and more secure about themselves.

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The thrift pavilion will host a major party with DJ sets and dancing. The celebrity-avenue will offer booths where various stuff will be sold by Ukrainian celebrities often seen on TV and on stage. They all will be selling their personal items and memorabilia to help raise more money for the chosen charity.

The spacious food court is located outside the thrift pavilion. There guests will find Kyiv street food and drinks from the best local vendors, express beauty zone, barbershop and photo zone. The lecture section invites you to learn more about «inclusion» and what forms the tolerant society. The event also will include the Yorkshire terrier party and will finish with a big live concert.

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On Suturday, June 17th Kurazh Bazar: Charity is happy to greet the very special guest straight from Georgia, Mgzavrebi band. They will perform hearty Georgians songs and dances by the Green Stage. On Sunday, June 18th guests will be entertained by THE SHU duo. This is not all however, the hosting committee promises a big surprise in form of secret guests who will attend Kurazh Bazar: Charity.

The entrance fee is UAH 70, children, guests who retired and guests with disabilities and pregnant women will not pay for the entrance.
Address: Platforma Art Zavod. 1A, Belomorska street, Kyiv.
Photo source: pinterest.com, Kurazh Bazar Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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