Kurazh Bazar China Start in March 2018 in Kyiv

Kurazh Bazar China Start in March 2018 in Kyiv
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Kurazh Bazar, a monthly Kyiv-based event uniting flea market, live concerts, fun activities, bars and food courts, is going to open its 2018 season with an unusual China Start market. The guests of this year`s first Kurazh Bazar will have a chance to celebrate Chinese New Year (yes, in March!) in the light of Chinese lanterns, to taste Chinese cuisine dishes and to buy unique things from China and many other places.

Kurazh Bazar platform was founded in 2014 and started as a thrift fair. The purpose of Kurazh Bazar team was to create a space where people can sell unnecessary old and vintage things, promote new brands and just have fun. In the course of time, the event has significantly expanded, adding more and more exciting activities to its program. Nowadays, besides being a true gift for all lovers of old and rare things, Kurazh Bazar is a place to meet young designers and handmade masters as well as to try plenty of delicious food and drinks, to watch live performances and to take part in amusement activities. The event, traditionally organized at Art-Zavod Platforma creative space, also offers numerous options to participate in workshops and to learn how to create exclusive handmade items on your own.
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At the upcoming China Start market, the visitors will have opportunity to buy unusual old and new items from more than 400 sellers, to take bright photos at special photo zones, to satisfy hunger at renewed food court, to dance near Panda Kung Fu DJ place, to take part in different contests and to see a real Chinese dragon. Children are welcome to play at special Disneyland area with baby-bar and exciting games.
This time, Kurazh Bazar will present completely updated food courts, which will differ from everything that you have ever seen in Kyiv before. During just one weekend, the guests will have a chance to taste the best food, drinks and desserts from the best-known Kyiv restaurants, bars and cafes. For example, foodies will find taco and burrito from Dos Amigos, hot dogs from Dogs&Tails, Vietnamese Pho soup from Pho.Kiev, desserts from Milk Bar etc. Of course, food court will include lots of favorite street food spots such as Bistro Bistro, Ulitka Bar and other.
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As usual, Kurazh Bazar organizers announce many charity activities: lottery, wedding in 15 minutes, stands with brand items from famous Ukrainians offered with discounts and so on.
Some great and important news: starting from this year, each Kurazh Bazar market will be dedicated to a special topic. The list of events planned for 2018 includes Jazz Only Kurazh Bazar with many shows of talented jazzmen; Night Market India Kurazh Bazar; Flower Power Kurazh Bazar dedicated to hippy culture; Friends Edition Kurazh Bazar for all the fans of famous “Friends” series; Kurazh Bazar Hip Hop Edition with performances of a well-known headliner and Battle School; Books Kurazh Bazar; 1990s Style Kurazh Bazar. Each event will have its own headliner. The names of the headliners are to be announced as soon as possible. The organizers already say that we will see many shows of well-known Ukrainian and foreign artists, related to the topic of each event.
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Welcome to China Start Kurazh Bazar market to find some exclusive things and to enjoy positive vibes of this creative event.
Where: Art Zavod Platforma, 1a, Bilomorska street, Kyiv
When: March 24-25, 11 AM–11 PM
Price: UAH 80 (30 of which going to charity). Persons who have birthday on market dates, pregnant women, kids aged below 12 and physically challenged people are welcome for free.
Photo source: Kurazh Bazar official Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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