Kurazh Bazar: Opening of the Season

Kurazh Bazar: Opening of the Season

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Kurazh Bazar is the biggest and the most popular flea market and thrift fair in Kyiv. In March Kurazh Bazar opens the season of fairs with the major spring sale of vintage stuff, the fair of Ukrainian makers and brands, mini street food festival and charity project of Ukrainian celebrities and socialites.

If you’re a lover of vintage clothes shops, thrift stores and a foodie then you know how much Kyiv dwellers are into a good alfresco or indoor markets and fairs. Kurazh Bazar is a much awaited event by all the flea-goers. Here all the visitors can satisfy their thrifty itch and start shopping for craft jewels and antiques, then indulge on gourmet eats from the best streetfood vendors.
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There will be over 400 sellers offering a wide array of the best bric-à-brac in the city. Items which wouldn’t even catch your eye in another setting – dial telephones, crumbling polaroids from the ’60s, old pieces of furniture – become objects of desire when lovingly laid out by their charmingly eccentric stallholders.
Kurazh Bazar is also a platform for a list of other interesting happenings such as pug shindig from Pug Team Kyiv. So, in case you are a happy owner of a pug or just a big fan of this breed this is a place to be on March 25th, 2017 in Kyiv.
Banana Wedding by Event Cafe offers an express marriage ceremony which will be turning couples into husbands and wives in just 15 minutes. Beautiful spring-themed photo zone will guarantee the best selfies. The youngest guests will love the kids’ zone with a various entertainment options.

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Kurazh Bazar is also an important charity event. Annually it helps raising money for various Kyiv charities. This time, starting from March 13th, 2017 a charitable sale marathon with a hash tag #вопервыхэтовесело (meaning «first of all, it’s fun») will offer a list of fun and interesting vintage items. All the money from selling those items will be donated to a charity fund which is currently trying to buy special hospital equipment for premature babies.
When: March 25th - 26th, 2017
Where: Platforma Art Zavod. 1A, Belomorska street, Kyiv.
Photo source: Kurazh Bazar Facebook Page

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