Lviv Charity Garage Sale

Lviv Charity Garage Sale

They say charity begins at home. Lviv based Community of Mutual Aid “Oselya» is bringing that good old saying to whole new level by transforming donated stuff from people homes into real homes for those in need. On July 9th Oselya Community of Mutual Aid is hosting Lviv annual major garage sale to help homeless. 

This organization was created in 2003 to help homeless people. Now this is a unique Community where people in need live and work together and help others. Oselya aims to help people to find again the meaning in their lives, especially to poor, homeless, disabled and addicted. Work – is the most important principal and also value. It gives dignity to the person and meaning to the Community. Oselya is trying to socialize homeless and also try to help find them a job so they can go back to their normal lives. 

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Another aim is to spread the idea of solidarity and mutual help among common Ukrainians.
Oselya is successfully implementing fereign experience and practices in their work. They started to publish a newspaper called «Prosto neba» (roofless) to be sold by local homeless people just like the «Big issue» in the US, they do numerous charity functions and events to raise money for the center of support for homeless as well as annual Easter and Christmas soup kitchens.
On July 9th Oselya is hosting their 4th annual charity garage sale - American Style. With 3 previous sales to be a huge success, hosts are anticipating lot’s of visitors and some serious charity trade to be happening. There will be lot’s of books, clothes and furniture on offer as well as cool workshops to attend & interesting people to meet and talk to.Garage sale4
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No need to say that it feels great to help less fortunate. Come and shop for a good cause this Saturday, July 4th at Lviv Muzey Idey (Museum of Ideas) 18-a Valova str. The event starts at 13:00 (1 PM).

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