Miss Princess Dress Rental Studio in Lviv

Miss Princess Dress Rental Studio in Lviv

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Dress and bag renting company Miss Princess Studio in Lviv makes it easy to borrow designer goods at 10-20 % of their original price. Now every girl can afford to continuously have new dresses without having to buy them, and without being seen wearing the same thing over and over again.

Renting dresses for special occasions wasn’t a popular option until Rent the Runway, an online US start-up company, began offering designer dresses from top labels in 2009. In less than four years over 3 million members have signed up for this type of service worldwide. Oh my Look! first Ukrainian dress rental opened in Kiev a few years ago and became an instant success. Now you can find similar rentals in all the major Ukrainian cities.

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Miss Princess Studio is a dress rental shop where women can hire high-end designer dresses for a fraction of the retail cost. Customers can hire dresses for between 10 to 20 percent of their retail price, so for a $1000 designer dress the consumer will pay around $100, plus a $5 insurance fee that covers any mishaps like broken zippers, red wine spills, and so on. However, for permanently damaged dresses that don’t fall into the easy-to-fix category, consumers must pay the gap of the full price of the dress, and then it’s theirs to keep.

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Since its launch last year Miss Princess Studio has seemingly widened their assortment of special occasion gowns. They offer such brands as Tarik Ediz, Sherri Hill, Victoria Beckham, Miss Selfrige, Jovano and many others. There are also fascinators and jewelry available for hire, so customers will be able to rent a whole look.

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If you’re someone who is invited to multiple formals, weddings or fancy occasions than you’re going to need a closet full of dresses. We spend so much money on clothes that are only a part of our lives for those very few event hours, but God forbids us to wear the same dress twice. Instead of buying new dresses look at the Miss Princess Studio in Lviv offer: you can make a change and rent your dream gown for just a fraction of its original price.
Address: Soborna Square, Roksolana shopping center, 3rd floor, Lviv.

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