NASTASIA KLIMT x THE OTHERS Collaboration Collection

NASTASIA KLIMT x THE OTHERS Collaboration Collection

This collaboration collection by designer NASTASIA KLIMT and THE OTHERS brand reveals the individuality of both parties of the project as well as showcases the harmony in the fashion items they have created. The footwear collection features neon brightness and ethereal feel.

NASTASIA KLIMT x THE OTHERS collaboration collection features 3 pairs of designer shoes. This footwear aims at young, fashion-conscious, self assured  females.  Bright accessories which adorn each pair of shoes inspire active lifestyle and new achievements of their owners. The collection is themed around contemporary urban living needs and modern living philosophy. Trends, digital technologies and big data - these are the main inspirational features of the collection. 
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Shoes accessorized with bright splashes of paint and glitzy zippers practically scream of boldness and extravaganza while those adorned with soft velvet laces have more of a romantic and gentle look. All shoes are handmade.

The shoes are white, as this color allows designers to play with accents and accessories. All the brightest designer ideas are perfectly reflected on white shoe materials, as though masterfully painted picture on a white canvas.

NASTASIA KLIMT is a young Ukrainian brand. The first collection was showcased in 2016 during Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. NASTASIA KLIMT managed to conquer Ukrainian fashionistas’ hearts rather quickly and now many fashion-conscious Ukrainian girls are looking forward to her new collection.  yellow

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Image source: PR Just In Space

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