Places in Kiev to Buy Antiques

Places in Kiev to Buy Antiques

When it comes to looking for antiques, all roads will lead you to the same places in Kiev. Check them out and choose the best option for you.

Epokha Antique Store
Epokha (Epoque) Antique Store, located in the city center, is a part of the renowned Kiev restoration workshop that specializes on antique furniture. If you are a big fan of this direction, this is must-visit place in Kiev. For the company directors antique is not just a profession or a collection, it is a lifestyle. The owners of the store dedicate themselves to help their customers to gather a decent collection that will bring aesthetic pleasure to its owner.
Address: 16 Kudryavska str., Kiev

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‘Expocenter of Ukraine’ National Complex
Weekly antique fair that is held at the National Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNKh) gathers sellers of rarities from all Ukraine. Antiquities lovers can find here some unique things that won’t be displayed during famous auctions, be sold in stores or on internet. However, you need to be an early bird to hunt out the best stuff – the fair starts at 6 in the morning and closes at 3 in the afternoon. Don’t wait too long if you want to buy something!
When: 6am – 3pm on Saturadays
Address: 1 Hlushkov Ave, Kiev (pavillion #17)

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Gelos Auction House
Gelos Auction House is the oldest one in Kyiv. It has been founded in 1988 and is active nowadays. In September 2005 Gelos announced its intention to conduct regular auctions in Kyiv as well as in Moscow. Now the auctions take place once per month. There are internet catalogs of antique auctions of Gelos on its website. It is possible to evaluate the antiques, to sell and to buy it in different antiques shops of the company and to arrange on-site auction with the help of Gelos House.
Address: 1-A Sklyarenko str., Kiev

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Now you know the places in Kiev to buy antiques and rarities that may be beautiful gifts, nice additions to the interior or precious parts of your collections.

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