With the rise of sustainable fashion, the tradition of buying clothes for festive events slowly but surely fades away. Instead, more and more customers choose to rent the whole look and feel like a celebrity on the red carpet while wearing Valentino, Vera Wang or Dior. Following the world trends, dress rental has become incredibly popular in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities as well.

Shopping spots in Lviv now boast something for every budget from classy and pricey shops selling designer clothes to more affordable shopping malls selling mass-market popular brands. With Soviet-era austerity now a thing of the past, you can enjoy pleasant shopping experience in Lviv. In recent years Lviv turned into shopping destination of Western Ukraine with impressive selection of brand’s boutiques, shopping malls and pop-up fashion fairs.

These super cute felt toys are guaranteed to make you smile. The Ukrainian crafter makes adorable felted wool sculptures which make food look absolutely adorable. 

Odessa is a perfect place for many activities: relaxing on the beach, partying, going out to restaurants, enjoying beautiful architecture… Hmmm, looks like we have forgotten to add one more pleasant option to that list… Of course! Shopping! This is one more activity that most of us truly love. The best 5 shopping malls of sunny Odessa welcome us to satisfy our desire for buying new things and having fun!

On April 17, a new L’AKMUS Bags & Shoes store was opened in a popular shopping center Ocean Plaza in Kyiv. The brand finally entered offline retail after 3 years of successful sales online. An official distributor of famous brands like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, L’AKMUS found its place on the Ukrainian market. Let’s see what else it has in store.

According to the legendary Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, black is a multifaceted color: it can be modest and arrogant at the time, lazy or seductive, and certainly mysterious. Another fashion legend, Yves Saint Laurent, established a trend of black turtlenecks, so popular among businessman for more than 50 years. Ukrainian fashionistas adore the color as well — that’s why a young couple from Ukraine decided to open an online store that sells exclusively black clothes, including those from the local brands.

While some are sure that Valentine’s Day is an exclusively commercial holiday, it is hard to deny the amount of sales and events held especially for this occasion. Kyiv shopping malls aren’t the exception - let’s see where you can enjoy the special program and gifts to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

During 2017, no new shopping malls have been opened in Kyiv, so in 2018 real estate developers are going to make up for the lost time. Though opening of some malls has been already rescheduled more than once, significant progress in construction works gives hope that new shopping locations will be opened in the nearest months. According to the latest news, several freshly opened malls in the different districts of Ukrainian capital will welcome their first visitors in 2018. Let`s get to know details about expected new shopping malls in Kyiv 2018.

Treat someone with a beautiful bunch of blooms, thanks to these flower delivery services in Kyiv. If you’ve completely forgotten that it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary or you just urgently need to show your appreciation or interest towards someone special – a beautiful bouquet ought to help. We’ve rounded up Kyiv’s loveliest online flower delivery services, so that you can order flowers with just a swipe of your smartphone or a phone call.

Famous mom of Elon Mask visited Kyiv and took part in a “@work” business conference organized by Marie Claire magazine. Within this event SOVA Jewelry brand has the honor to make a gift for this outstanding lady.

Elegant, minimalist and cute - these words are the first that pop up on mind when you look at the shelves of a new Japanese Miniso store opened on Khreschatyk. Cute penguin plushies and actually practical home appliances can both be found here.

Vozdvizhenka, being one of the most beautiful and prestigious districts of Kyiv, has numerous attractions. Along with fascinating views and worthy cafes and restaurants, it also offers a plenty of interesting shops and boutiques. Destinations prepared a list of the best concept stores in Vozdvizhenka for all lovers of elite shopping.

The showroom of Sekta, one of the oldest Kyiv clothes brand, has recently opened in the center of Ukrainian capital. Sekta brand produces clothing with “twisted mind” prints created by various artists from all over the world. The brand mainly creates T-shirts, but offers sweatshirts, long sleeves, pants, hats, backpacks and other items as well. The prints of Sekta clothes are bright, unusual and sometimes shocking, so it is a perfect choice for open-minded and creative people, who tend to think out of the box.

As much as running shoes continue to evolve, there are some people who would still admire the original pair of 80s kicks much more than modern day shoes. Quickstrike is a vintage sneakers showroom that has recently been opened in Kyiv, offering a great array of original sneakers from the most popular brands.

Purity Fashion Studio, a new gorgeous boutique of similarly-named brand, was recently opened in Novopechersky Lipki district in Kyiv. This event was a real gift and a pleasure for many fashion lovers.

Grocery shopping can sometimes seem like a chore, but it’s also one of the best opportunities to make small, eco-friendly changes that can have a big impact. is the first in Ukraine shopping platform, which offers the rich assortment of certified organic products as well as storage and logistic services for organic goods makers.

The summer 2017 collection, presented by the Italian brand Yamamay, anticipates the dreams of an unforgettable vacation. Juicy colors, trendy designs, spectacular prints and ethnic motifs characterize the new models of swimsuits.

Visitors of Odessa, charmed by this charismatic city, often want to buy special souvenirs and presents for themselves, friends and family to keep the memory of Odessa holidays. Check out some interesting locations and shops to purchase the best Ukrainian souvenirs in Odessa.

There are a lot of stores and supermarkets in Kyiv, small and large ones. However, there are several supermarkets, which are popular among locals and guests of the city, because they can offer a wide variety of goods online as well.

Finally, it is spring. Every person is looking for renovation of his/her life and of a wardrobe too. “Destinations” is happy to tell you about the 10 best Ukrainian bag brands.

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