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Lviv is known as a tourist mecca of Ukraine. Travelers always want to bring home some little keepsakes that would remind us of the memories associated with this beautiful city once they are back home. We all want to be original and get something really special and unique. In oder to avoid cheap knick knacks from tourist traps, «Destinations» rounded up best souvenir ideas from Lviv.

The motanka doll is one of the most ancient handmade items in Ukrainian household. Initially fashioned as a domestic symbol of fertility and household guardians, these dolls played an important role in the everyday life of Ukrainians in the old days. While still in use today, the tradition has become more concerned with style and décor than anything ritualistic.

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We gathered some of the chicest fall/winter outfits from up-and-coming Ukrainian designers to get you inspired for the season ahead.

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Travelers always want to bring home some little keepsakes that would remind us of the memories associated with the visited places once we are back home. We all want to be original and get something really special and unique in a gift store, but very often get stuck buying cheap knick knacks from tourist traps. «Destinations» handpicked most interesting and unusual souvenirs to bring back home from Kyiv.

On October 20th, 2016 Kyiv Passage hosted the presentation of «Soul Searching» virtual reality format art project and new collection by iconic brand BVLGARI. The «Soul Searching» project was created by Ukrainian artist Oksana Levchenya-Konstantinovska. 

You may have seen those extremely chunky knits by Ukrainian artist Anna Mo in leading interior design and fashion editorials as well as on endless Instagram and Facebook newsfeed. Anna Mo’s blankets and pillow cases look like they have been knitted by giants.

The history of celebration Halloween in Ukraine is rather scarce. Halloween costume business is not really an industry yet. Comparing to stores in the US and Europe, which offer costumes for kids and adults, plus plenty of creepy decor for Halloween parties, shops in Ukraine propose a limited number of outfits, typically offering a choice between witch and vampire.

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The trend of individual tailoring has finally reached Kyiv. «Indposhyv» in Kyiv offers everything from made-to-measure suits to the simple trousers alterations.

Knitting Space in Kyiv is a place for "all things knitted". Opened on September 9th, Knitting Space aims to become a place where visitors can do their hobbies, be inspired, motivated, and creative.

Fashion pop-up Fair «Всі.Свої» («Vsi.Svoi») opens its first permanent brick-and-mortar store. This store will offer an impressive selection of goods by Ukrainian brands.

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Victoria Gardens will be the biggest shopping mall and entertainment center in Western Ukraine. The grand opening of this enormous multi-functional center is scheduled for September, 2016.

Odessa is not just about swimming and sunbathing only. It also offers a set of great outlets with a lot interesting things to buy – ranging from souvenirs to the newest fashion brands. August is a high season if you look for significant discounts all over the world. This city is not an exception.

Photo: Oh My Look! Official Facebook page
Oh My Look! is a rent shop of exclusive cocktail, wedding and evening dresses that will satisfy any clothing demands for even the most sophisticated events.

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Tucked away in the heart of Kiev downtown, Rambutan Fruit Studio quickly became the most famous fruit seller in the city. This atmospheric shop offers an impressive array of fresh fruits, smoothies, jams and wines.

Dress and bag renting company Miss Princess Studio in Lviv makes it easy to borrow designer goods at 10-20 % of their original price. Now every girl can afford to continuously have new dresses without having to buy them, and without being seen wearing the same thing over and over again.

Lviv’s most anticipated summer garage sale hosted by #Ganok creative group will be happening on Saturday, July 30th. This bazaar event is the perfect spin-off to the summer garage sales and pop-up shop festivals season in Lviv.

Photo: ‘Tuto Vzuto’
A new store of Ukrainian ‘Tuto Vzuto’ brand has recently opened in the fashionable area of Vozdvizhenka in Kiev. Here you can find the most popular and interesting models by the brand, already known to capital’s residents.

Photo: Suitster Official Facebook page
Suitster is the online store that represents contemporary Ukrainian fashion designer labels as well as famous international brands.

New look styles with puffy skirts, or, on the contrary, with deliberately narrow ones, the models with unnaturally deep cleavage and other elements of the kind are stepping away from the fashion trends.

Photo: ShowroomS Official Facebook page
Imagine that in one place together there are the best Kiev show rooms. This place is called ShowroomS store in Kiev and it will open on April 22, 2016!

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