At Milan Fashion Week this January Dolce&Gabbana famous Italian fashion house models showed collection to the sound of Morricone soundtracks and brought back memories of Sergio Leone movies.

Passage has been always a special place for VIP guests of the city and for those who live in the capital. It is both a street and a house that consists of the two buildings located opposite each other and connected by passageways.

Red is the main colour of Christmas decoration and new Yamamay collection.

Rolex SA is one of the most popular companies in the world and this Swiss brand is associated with luxury and wealthy lifestyle. It is interesting that the man who founded it was not a hereditary watchmaker. He was not even originally from Switzerland.

An outstanding athlete Rene Lacoste highly valued principle of fair play, team spirit and sportsmanship. His high aspirations were reflected in LACOSTE collections.

It is the first outlet shopping center in Ukraine architecturally designed in the old North European city style.  Manufacture is located close to Kyiv. You can find last season collections of the world famous brands at permanent discounts from 30% and up to 70%.

BEVZA is famous for an aristocratic and minimalistic style. This brand of women wear was based in Kyiv by Svetlana Bevza in 2006.

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