Best Shopping in Kyiv

Best Shopping in Kyiv

With Soviet-era austerity now a thing of the past, you can buy absolutely anything you desire in Kiev. The shopping spots in Kyiv now boast something for every budget from classy and pricey shops selling designer clothes to more affordable shopping malls selling mass-market popular brands.

In February 2016, iconic fashion editorial VOGUE named Kyiv the ultimate European capital to head for shopping. Here shoppers will find covetable vintage pieces as well as luxury outposts. In recent years Kyiv truly turned into shopping heaven with impressive selection of brands, shops and pop-up fashion fairs. Our web rounds up key areas for shopping in Kiev.
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Photo: Vsi.Svoi FB page
, which runs south from Maidan Nezalezhnosti in the city center, is the equivalent to London’s Oxford Street in Kiev, and you can find anything here from mass-market fashion shops to luxurious boutiques. Khreschatyk also houses a number of smart city-center malls where you will find the chicest boutiques and the highest prices. Khreschatyk might seem to be a good option for shopping, however the fact that all the shops are pretty much spread out and offer a mesmerizing array of various goods might turn shopping into somewhat tiring experience. Pop-up into recently opened «Vsi.Svoi» store on 27, Khreschatyk street, the biggest all-Ukrainian brands store in the country.

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Photo: Vsi.Svoi FB page
For high brands and exclusive fashion pieces visit Atelier 1 (10 Boulevard Shevchenko, Kyiv). It is the first concept store in Ukraine with a 10-year history. It’s located in the heart of the city, in a basement of an old building with a cool original design and atmosphere. Here you will find unique pieces from Comme des Garçons, Junya Watanabe, Issey Miyake and brands alike.

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Photo: Atelier 1 FB page
Sanahunt (8/16 Hrushevsky Street) store is another option for luxurious shopping in Kyiv. Sanahunt is the main luxury fashion store in Ukraine. It’s like Saks in New York, with all of the same European labels, such as Fendi, Lanvin, Balmain, and Givenchy.

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Photo: Sanahunt FB page
In case you are into thrifting and a fan of some unique vintage pieces head to Lesnoy Flea Market (Brovary street). Located at Lesna, the last metro stop, Lesnoy Flea Market is one of the biggest flea markets in Europe. It’s mostly frequented by youngsters and Ukrainian fashionistas who are looking for everything from original cowboy boots to vintage Levis jeans. If you are lucky, you’ll definitely find vintage Armani or Chanel pieces. The range of vintage fur and leather can make you a street style star.

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Expo Center’s Antique Market is active only 12 times a year, the last Saturday of each month. It’s enormous and full of antiques. If you are looking for a real traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka or carpets dated the 19th century, this is the right place. There are also plenty of Soviet items that can add a lot of fun to your apartment.


For goods of Ukrainian brands visit popular pop-up fashion fair «Vsi.Svoi». It takes place every weekend at D12 gallery, 12, Desyatynna street in Kiev. It is one of the biggest pop-up fairs in Kyiv and the selection of brands and artisan goods here is quite impressive. Asthik (7a, Lesi Ukrainki Boulevard) is a concept shop with contemporary brands and the ones of Ukrainian designers. There is a great selection of fashion pieces.

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Those looking for shopping centers in Kiev can visit the Globus mall, which is located behind Maidan Nezalezhnosti. «Mandarin Plaza» located at 6 Basseynaya street is one more shopping option. It is considered to be one of the best upmarket shopping malls in Kiev. «Mandarin Plaza» offers a number of very good restaurants amid the chic boutiques.
Other well-appointed shopping malls in Kyiv include Ocean Palza on Antonovycha street, Bilshovyk on Hetmana Mazepu Boulevard, which is open until 9 PM, Dream Town on Obolonsky Prospect, and Skymall on Henerala Vatutina street, north of the center near Petrivka metro.


Photo: Ocean Plaza offical web page
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Kyiv truly turned into ultimate shopping destination nor only for Ukrainians but for buyers and eager shoppers from all over Europe. With Ukrainian fashion being on peak of its popularity, Kyiv offers endless options for buying trendy «vyshyvanka» (embroidered garbs) and Ukrainian designer pieces often spotted on world famous celebrities. Shopping in Kyiv can satisfy even most spoiled shoppers. 

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