Cashmerebox: Warm Wool Collection from Mongolia

Cashmerebox: Warm Wool Collection from Mongolia

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We know we had you at «Mongolia», right? A mysterious country in the middle of Asia offers the highest quality wools and cashmeres to the fans of comfortable and cozy fashion worldwide.

Cashmere has become a democratic and affordable material for everyday wardrobe. Cashmere is considered to be rather expensive material, as it takes up to 1 kg of dry wool combed from 5-6 goats in order to create a cashmere sweater of 200-250 gr. Mongolia takes a lead among all countries specializing in producing cashmere wool. The climate of the country creates a perfect environment for animals with soft and silky undercoat.
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Cashmerebox boutique in Kyiv offers a wide selection of clothes made of high-quality goat cashmere, camel and yak wool. Yak wool is rather rare and very warm material, which is currently gaining its popularity in the fashion world. Yak wool is cheaper than cashmere but is as soft and warm. Moreover, this material is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Camel wool is most often used in thermal underwear and garments for children by Cashmerebox. This material is super light and has very strong natural thermos-regulative functions. Cashmerebox brand uses untied and unprocessed natural wool - this way the material keeps its natural qualities and keeps the warmth of the human’s body longer.

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Very important fact is that Cashmerebox products are 100% cruelty free products, as wool which is used to manufacture the clothes is carefully combed out (and not sheered which can cause severe injuries to animals) from goats, yaks and camels once a year during the shedding season.
Cashmerebox offers basic clothes in soft natural colors for men, women and children. All the clothes will keep you warm and cozy for a couple of seasons in a row. Cashmerebox boutique on Obolon’ offers a great selection of everyday wear as well as thermal wear and sportswear for active leisure (skiing, snowboarding, etc).

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Customers are welcome to shop online at as well as they may visit Cashmerebox store in Kyiv (6, Heroyiv Stalinhrady, section 5, 1st floor).

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