Creative Stores in Kiev

Creative Stores in Kiev

Stylish and modern Kiev has everything to offer to all sorts of fashion crowds, even the most creative and extraordinary ones. Check out the best creative stores in Kiev for the most amazing shopping.


Photo: Pure Concept Store Official Facebook page
Pure (Mash) Concept Store is the ‘Camden Town’ of Kiev, focusing on clothing, shoes and accessories from young British trendy, but not mass-produced, brands. In addition, the shop sells rare vinyls along with books and magazines sorely lacking in Ukraine. Moreover, Pure is representing curious emerging local designer brands, created and produced in Ukraine. However, even with Ukrainian designers, there is still a British vibe at the place with the right combination of class and extravagance.
Address: 21/13 Reytarska str., Kiev

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Photo: KapKan Concept Store Official Facebook page
KapKan (Trap) is the only among the creative stores in Kiev with such a wide offer of trendy hip international and emerging Ukrainian brands. The Concept Store sells clothes, shoes, backpacks, bags and accessories from such brands as: Alpha Industries, Asics, Brixton, BRVSKI, Dickies, Democratique Socks, Ditch, KBDM, Eastpak, Eclectik, HUF, Happy Socks, HAPPY HOUR, Herschel, Hiver Books, La Petite Porcherie, Peace Date, RIPNDIP, Sammy Icon, Saucony, Sneaky Brand, SSUR, Sperry, Syndicate, Thrasher, your enemy, Native shoes, Nudie Jeans, VANS and Voodoo books. Moreover, the shop offers its own original designer line called KAPKAN clth.
Address: 9 Reytarska str., Kiev

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Photo: Laska Charity Store
Laska (Caress) Charity Store is based on a simple and widespread in the developed world idea: some people gratuitously bring something that they don’t need any more while the others buy. The children clothes and the profit from the second-hand selling go for charity purposes and financing of social and urbanistic projects. The store sells a bunch of various creative things: clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, furniture, books, vinyls, old-fashioned cameras and eco-friendly hand-made rugs from recycled materials. The stores also host small cafes and laundries and offer presents-package service.
3 Lypynskoho str., Kiev
15 Malopidvalna str., Kiev

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These creative stores in Kiev are surely the best options for the most hip and stylish shopping in the Ukrainian capital.

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