L’AKMUS Bags & Shoes Store Opening in Ocean Plaza

L’AKMUS Bags & Shoes Store Opening in Ocean Plaza
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On April 17, a new L’AKMUS Bags & Shoes store was opened in a popular shopping center Ocean Plaza in Kyiv. The brand finally entered offline retail after 3 years of successful sales online. An official distributor of famous brands like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, L’AKMUS found its place on the Ukrainian market. Let’s see what else it has in store.

At the moment, L’AKMUS is represented by multi-brand stores in Kyiv (Manufactura Outlet, Ocean Plaza), Odesa and the Dnipro. Online stores cover all regions and cities of Ukraine.
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The network is part of the LB Group and is the official (and in many regions of Ukraine exclusive) distributor of brands like Cavalli Class, Coccinelle, Furla, Karl Lagerfeld, Trussardi Collection and Trussardi Jeans, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Missoni, Paul Smith, See by Chloé, and many others.
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The April opening had a bit of magic in it: the store was decorated with multi-colored flasks and visitors conducted experiments, with their style, and literally, with a litmus paper. Following the #LAKMUS_YOURSELF slogan, the guests lowered their personal test strips into different solutions and received a fashion-prediction for the season, depending on the color of the chemical reaction.
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The L’AKMUS bar was engaged in magic as well: here visitors of the event (some celebrities as well) tasted violet, red, green and yellow cocktails. After the short break, they studied collections of the same colors. Karl Lagerfeld, #Gitabag from Trussardi, bright bags of Marc Jacobs and safari collections from the Spaniards Haikon Hada and OXS were particularly popular picks.

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