Men in Black: Online Store of Black Clothes

Men in Black: Online Store of Black Clothes

According to the legendary Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, black is a multifaceted color: it can be modest and arrogant at the time, lazy or seductive, and certainly mysterious. Another fashion legend, Yves Saint Laurent, established a trend of black turtlenecks, so popular among businessman for more than 50 years. Ukrainian fashionistas adore the color as well — that’s why a young couple from Ukraine decided to open an online store that sells exclusively black clothes, including those from the local brands.

My Name is Drama Queen — that’s how the new clothes store introduces themselves through a bold name. Founded by Viktor and Stefa, a young Ukrainian couple, M.N.D.Q. offers a broad range of all-black clothing and accessories to satisfy even the most exquisite taste. The idea behind the store is quite simple: lovers of black can pick a whole look for any occasion, starting from everyday casual walks to elegant suits for business nights out, in one place. The store opened in late March, but already experienced a rise of attention from the potential customers.
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Currently, only Ukrainian brands are available at the store, but the owners promise to broaden their range soon. For now, the following items are in stock: wool blankets from Woolkrafts, strict-cut black coat from Lener Cordier, as well as leather goods and accessories from AVITOO. Apart from clothes, M.N.D.Q. also offers home goods in stylish black, fitting perfectly in a monochrome interior.
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The owners plan to open an offline-store as well in the nearest future, but for now, lovers of black can follow Facebook and Instagram pages.
Photo source: My Name is Drama Queen Facebook page, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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