Open Store concept fashion boutique in Lviv

Open Store concept fashion boutique in Lviv

Photo: Open Store Facebook Page
In the past few years Ukrainian fashion designers have emerged on the global stage. Clothes by local brands took its righteous place in the closets of fashion conscious Ukrainians. Open Store in Lviv is a new concept shopping destination for those who want to pamper their wardrobe with some designer Ukrainian pieces before fall season.

Unlike popular Ukrainian fashion e-commerce stores, the brick-and-mortar concept store cultivates an experience that cannot be re-created online. When it comes to shopping for clothes the cut and fit is really important as well as the feel of the fabric and color palette of the fashion item. Those details usually cannot be checked while shopping on-line.
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Photo: Open Store Facebook Page
Open Store concept fashion boutique in Lviv brings together goods of numerous Ukrainian designers and creates the hip and trendy showroom atmosphere. Located in the heart of Lviv downtown opposite Dominican Cathedral, Open Store boutique is perfect shopping destination for those interested in contemporary Ukrainian fashion.
In Open Store you can find an avant-garde dresses by Finch Wear, hipster streetwear for men from Syndicate, niche perfumes by Datura, perfectly cut shirts by Chereshnivska, casual wear by Owlsome and footwear by Emmelie Delage. Over 20 Ukrainian brands are showcased in Open Store fashion boutique in Lviv.

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Photo: Open Store Facebook Page
The interior design of the shop deserves a separate mention. As the store is located on the ground floor of the medieval building, its interior compliments some unique historical features of the space, combining it with some ultra modern textures and interior details.
Open Store concept fashion boutique in Lviv is a perfect shopping destination for latest fashion trends and gift ideas from leading Ukrainian designers.
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Address: 8, Ivana Fedorova street, Lviv.

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