Parfum Büro in Kyiv

Parfum Büro in Kyiv

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Parfum Büro in Kyiv is an ambicious project aiming at development of perfume culture among Ukrainian consumers. With a wide range of carefully selected fragrances, Parfum Büro is the place to fulfill all of your fragrance needs.

This is not your average perfume shop, Parfum Büro in Kyiv is an interactive platform, which unites the creators of concept perfume brands, niche perfume professionals and representatives of trendy mass media. This place attracts many genuine adepts of exclusive and unique fragrances, that can be found nowhere else in Kyiv.
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Parfum Büro offers a constant broadcast of news and happenings straight from the haute parfumerie world. Visitors can participate in various perfume-themed events and sample all the hop-right-now fragrance.

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The selection of fragrances in Parfum Büro is set very carefully and guarantees to satisfy even most spoiled perfume gourmands.
Address: 18, Kozhemyatskaya street, Kyiv.
Photo Source: Parfum Buro Facebook Page 

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