Summer sales: where to shop in Odessa

Summer sales: where to shop in Odessa

Odessa is not just about swimming and sunbathing only. It also offers a set of great outlets with a lot interesting things to buy – ranging from souvenirs to the newest fashion brands. August is a high season if you look for significant discounts all over the world. This city is not an exception.

In case you are hunting for the sales in the Southern Pearl of Ukraine, here is the shopping list.
1. Privoz
This famous market is a visiting card of Odessa. As local people say, here you can buy everything, even new mum and dad. Every touriststaying in Odessa should visit this place at least once. The walk along shopping arcade will take you into the special atmosphere. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to get many discounts there, but you’ll get a lot of emotions for sure.
2. Arcadia City
Summer sales and shopping in Odessa are also concentrated in Arcadia City – famous seaside road. While going to the coast, you can buy nearly everything you want, including clothes, toys, and food. Moreover, take a chance to visit the aquapark.
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3. Deribasivska Street
It is the heart of Odessa and its most famous and stunning street. Spend a couple of hours on Deribasivska Street in the summer evening. Keep an eye on tourists and locals walking, watching great open-air performances, tasting coffee in numerous restaurants, and of course, shopping.Many shopping malls and outlets filled with famous and local brands open their doors for every wallet.
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3. «Riv’era» Shopping center
If you want to take advantage of summer sales and have fun simultaneously, seek for big shopping and entertainment centers. The Ukraine’s biggest mall called «Riv’era» is one of such places.It is situated on the outskirts of Odessa and can provide you with different types of leisure activities. Order a table in the café or play bowling after shopping.
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4. «Sady Pobedy»
Looking for the luxury shopping? Find 10th April Square on the map or travel guide, go there and pay a visit to the “Sady Pobedy” mall. Attend boutiques, brand stores, and enjoy a fabulous terrace. By the way, «Sady Pobedy» is the second shopping place you shall visit in Odessa according to TripAdvisor. After Privoz, of course.
Now you know where to find summer sales and where to shop in Odessa. Don’t lose even a minute!

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