Ukrainian Souvenirs in Odessa

Ukrainian Souvenirs in Odessa

Visitors of Odessa, charmed by this charismatic city, often want to buy special souvenirs and presents for themselves, friends and family to keep the memory of Odessa holidays. Check out some interesting locations and shops to purchase the best Ukrainian souvenirs in Odessa.

Travelers can find souvenirs almost anywhere in the center of Odessa. Soborna square, located not far from famous Odessa City Garden, is the first point to visit for gifts hunters. The whole souvenir market is located here. People find everything here – jewelry, figures, toys, funny Odessa specialties like “Odessa air” in a tin can. Another interesting option might be to purchase an authorial painting of Odessa artist near fountain on Soborna square.
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Ekaterininska square, Deribasovska street, Primorskiy boulevard, all big trade and entertainment centers are other points to find interesting Odessa souvenirs. Being a large seaport, Odessa offers tourists wide range of souvenirs connected with the subject of sea and sailors, so don`t lose your chance to buy amusing sailor shirt or forage cap.
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Of course, famous Odessa Passage is also a good place to buy some specialties. This spectacular architectural landmark hides a plenty of souvenir shops and boutiques inside. Go in and find exactly what you like, choosing among the hundreds of possible variants.
Address: 34, Preobrazhenska street
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Odessa is full of different specialized art and handmade boutiques, which sell Ukrainian souvenirs. For example, Eneyida art-salon, named in honor of famous poem of Ukrainian writer Ivan Kotlyarevsky, offers Ukrainian arts and crafts for any taste. Here visitors can find paintings, ceramics, jewel boxes and jewelry, goods made of glass, wood, bronze, stone. This is a place to buy authentic Ukrainian crafts such as pysankas and Petrykivka paintings.
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Address: 32, Bolshaya Arnautska street
Ladniye chudesa (“Graceful miracles”) is a good example of Odessa handmade shop with Ukrainian souvenirs. This shop presents a wide range of authorial handmade gifts and souvenirs, produced with various techniques such as decoupage, fusing, lamp work, hand painting. Ladniye chudesa offers a great assortment of natural stones jewelry, leather accessories, toys, leather and cloth bags, hair accessories and many other interesting things. Here buyers can find authentic Ukrainian souvenirs, such as motanka dolls.
Address: 3/4 Grecheska square, Aphina trade center, 1st floor
Cactus shop is another nice spot to buy pretty souvenirs. The slogan of this shop is “Thousands of souvenirs”, and it doesn`t lie. Cactus shop sells everything – décor elements, interior features, crockery and even furniture. Here you can find nice little things such as photo frames, key holders, wine accessories, shot glasses, cups, candy boxes, decorative figures, aroma lamps, flowerpots, all kinds of toys and many other cute and useful stuff. Game lovers can buy dominoes or oughts and crosses. Cactus is a place to find any kinds of gifts – beautiful, funny, practical and elegant.
Addresses: 42, Bunina street; 3a, Cherniakhovskogo street; 8/2, Shevchenko avenue; 1, Nezavisimosti square, Panorama center, 2nd floor.
Never forget the best moments with Ukrainian souvenirs in Odessa.
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