Couture de Fleur F/W 2017/18 New Collection

Couture de Fleur F/W 2017/18 New Collection
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Couture de Fleur presented "Nature in the City" new collection within Mercedes Benz Fashion Days In Kyiv In the beginning of February 2017.

Joint brand of Inna Katiushchenko (the head of Edipresse Ukraine Publishing House) and Olena Onufriv, the famous artist from Lviv, is inspired by the intact notes of femininity, art and romanticism which were reflected in its new collection.
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Autumn and winter images are promoting the power and beauty of nature. "The woman is very connected with the Earth and nature, but in the big cities this connection is not so strong unfortunately. This collection helps a woman to feel herself a part of nature"- said Inna Katiushchenko, which acted as the art director of the collection.
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Exclusive prints, floral motifs and graphic compositions of Olena Onufriv's paintings are the basis of the fabric prints.
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A woman as well as nature can manifest with harmony and tenderness, with passion and energy. This contrast is reflected in colors of the collection: there are tender shades of soft green and sand together with vivid colors of coral red, indigo blue and emerald green.
Couture de Fleur brand uses natural materials of high quality and exclusive prints. "Nature in the City" collection focuses on wool, jersey, natural leather and silk. Leather prints were used for the first time.
The collection will be presented in Couture de Fleur boutiques.
Photos provided by Couture de Fleur

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