'Medici Gardens' by Couture de Fleur

'Medici Gardens' by Couture de Fleur
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Anyone who has visited Florence is doomed to search the perfection in everything around till the end of life. This can be compared with an obsession, similar to love, which is also called a heart disease.

Medici Gardens is one of the places in Florence you fall in love with seriously and forever. Multifaceted colors, fresh foliage and architectural forms of fountains, Palazzo and mix tracks in the garden create amazing pictures. They formed the basis of Couture de Fleur brand new collection of prints, created by the famous artist Olena Onufriv.
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Like any jewel needs a beautiful setting, the print needs the silhouettes it can decorate. New collection designs were created by Inna Katiushchenko, the designer and the head of Edipresse publishing house. With this tandem of two talented women 'Medici Gardens’ new collection of women's clothing by “Couture de Fleur" brand came into being. The collection is saturated with hot Italian sun, smell of herbs and flowers, sounds of flowing water in the fountain and quiet steps of a beautiful woman, walking in the garden.
The romance of the new collection has been already appreciated and loved by many stars and celebrities in Ukraine while the show within the Ukrainian Fashion Week. Anyone can experience the full beauty of the collection and purchase a piece of the Medici Gardens in any brand store in Kyiv, Lviv as well as in Europe.
Photographer Yaroslav Monchak
Model Mar'yana Maydanska

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