#OneDayShop Spring Fair in Lviv

#OneDayShop Spring Fair in Lviv

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13th One Day Shop in Lviv will be a fun and atmospheric event starting the series of popular summer pop-up fairs. One Day Shop fair is a perfect place to shop for authentic souvenirs, designer clothes from young Ukrainian brands and spend some quality time with your friends and family listening to good music and enjoying delicious food at One Day Shop food court.

Merchants both small and large are flocking to set-up their own pop-up stores and are embracing the trend, from brands that sell exclusively online to big national brands, proving that pop-ups are here to stay. One Day Shop fair will offer the biggest selection of Ukrainian brands to choose some cool stuff from.
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April One day shop will feature a big food court, where visitors can buy various artisan food, like homemade peanut butter, jams, cupcakes, chocolate etc. This event will also come in handy for tourists to stock up on interesting and original souvenirs to bring back home. Insta-fans will enjoy One Day Shop photo zone, which is always very artistic and fun to take photos at.

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Traditionally, the event will take place on the terrace of Lviv Art Palace at the heart of the city. Spend your Saturday afternoon shopping for some interesting gifts and souvenirs at 13th One Day Shop in Lviv.
When: April 22nd, 2017.
Where: 17, Kopernyka streer, Lviv. Lviv Art Palace.
Photo source: OneDayShop Facebook page. 

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