Ukrainian Modern Muslim Clothing from Katrin Kym

Ukrainian Modern Muslim Clothing from Katrin Kym
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Katrin Kym is the first Ukrainian modern Muslim clothes brand. Combining traditions of East with the newest trends, it creates unforgettable looks which keep to Islamic rules of clothing. Katrin Kym designs Muslim outfits for stylish women and young girls, who live in a big city and want to look elegant, gorgeous and beautiful every day.

The brand keeps to traditions of Islam and is integrated into modern society at the same time. Katrin Kym products unite the best technologies, fabrics and accessories of present-day fashion. Clothes from Katrin Kym brand embody the image of a Muslim woman in the dynamic nowadays world. The brand offers clothes of sport and casual style as well as clothes for an evening in a company of other women. Katrin Kym brand uses only high-quality materials and trendy fabrics and colors for creation of its collections. Read: Vintage Sneakers Showroom in Kyiv

16819097 1453991981299943 3092192498530525515 o Kateryna Yevdokimova, designer of the brand, has two educations, but none of them are related to fashion. However, tailoring was her hobby since she was a child. In adulthood, Kateryna faced the fact that there were no own-produced Muslim clothes in Ukraine. When she embraced Islam in 2000, Ukrainian market offered only few Muslim clothes brands from foreign manufacturers. That was the reason why Kateryna Yevdokimova decided to start her own brand of Muslim outfits. Muslim clothes are characterized by maxi length of skirts and dresses. The purpose of such apparel is to hide woman`s figure; these clothes cannot be skin-tight. Wearing a headscarf is another common feature of Muslim clothes. Muslim women are traditionally obliged to dress this way. Read: Ukrainian Traditional Garments

Katrin Kym clothes collection is called “Hyatt” which is translated as “Life” from Arabic language. This collection provides outfits for all occasions. There are evening clothes for events; there are also sport clothes – Muslim women are allowed to do sports in gyms with no male visitors. “Hyatt” also presented casual clothes for daily wear and traditional Muslim clothes for men. The new collection of Katrin Kym offers clothes for Muslim schoolgirls. Katrin Kym is a unique brand, uniting Eastern traditions and trends of a metropolis. Any Muslim girl will feel stylish and self-confident wearing Katrin Kym apparel. Those who are interested can purchase clothes on brand Facebook page. Online-shop:

Photo source: Facebook page of Katrin Kym Islamic Fashion Brand. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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