Ukrainian Makeup Brands

Ukrainian Makeup Brands

Local make-up brands are conquering Ukrainian beauty mass-market. They are much cheaper than popular foreign brands, offer a great array of products to choose from and pleasantly surprise all the customers with the quality level. 

«Destinations» rounds up a list of local beauty brands that one can often see in make-up and drugstores in Ukraine, but hasn’t probably heard about.
Color Me

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This Ukrainian beauty brand was established back in 1999 and is mainly specializing in professional makeup. However, Color Me has recently released mass-market makeup line for everyday use and skincare products line. You can also check out their makeup brushes from the professional line collection: very high quality plus affordable prices.
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This Ukrainian makeup brand started with producing high quality professional powders (hence the name «Pudra», which means «Powder» in Ukrainian). These days Pudra offers a great variety of other beauty products: liquid lip shines, lipsticks, foundations, compact powders, eyeliners, nail polishes. All products are locally produced and boast pleasant textures and long lasting effect.

MAXI Color

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This brand has three main lines: nail polishes, nail care products and decorative makeup. MAXI Color makeup offers hop-right-now beauty items like marker eye shadows, eyeliner pens, blushers, shimmers, foundations and many other products.


Unlike other brands listed above, M.A.G. is rather popular among local consumers. This brand produces an impressive selection of all things «nail». The amount of nail polishes, varnishes, nail care products will awe even most spoilt nail-art fans. Recently M.A.G. launched the makeup line as well, now you can find foundations, blushers, eye shadows. Buy this Ukrainian brand in major beauty stores and drugstores around the country.


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EcoVego has been producing natural handmade cosmetic products since 2007. All their products are 100% natural and eco-friendly, you won’t find any synthetic components or artificial elements. The brand offers skin care and hair care products as well as decorative makeup.
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«Destinations» rounds up the list of local makeup brands that can often be seen on the shelves of beauty shops and drugstores, however often are overlooked as consumers may simple haven’t heard of them yet. Ukrainian makeup brands offer a decent array of products that can compete with foreign products in quality and assortment.

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