Ukrainian Organic Skincare Brands

Ukrainian Organic Skincare Brands

Using natural and organic body care products will certainly help boost your immune system and overall health. Luckily, Ukrainian companies eagerly support international organic body care trend and offer a decent selection of natural, paraben-free products. «Destinations» rounds up a list of local brands to try in your body care routine.

YAKA is a young Ukrainian brand that produces a wide array of skincare products. Brand’s cosmetics is produced from organic materials on the modern equipment and guarantees the highest quality of the products. There are different day and night face creams, make-up removers, shaving creams and aftershaves, body lotions in stock. The prices are very affordable. YAKA’s interesting feature is their packaging style: you can see dried herbs inside many bottles - this is the proof that brand uses natural materials for their cosmetics.
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Vigor Cosmetique Naturelle brand is specializing in anti-age organic body care products. It is a well-known fact that our skin requires different skincare products in different ages. Aging skin requires cosmetics with a carefully selected ingredients rich in collagen, vitamins and the elements that will help it to rejuvenate. Vigor Cosmetique Naturelle offers a great selection of organic face creams and body lotions that aim at skin nutrition and strengthening of blood vessels. All the herbal ingredients for this brand are locally grown at the eco-friendly farms in different regions of Ukraine.


Herbal Spa brand specializes in organic bath and shower products. Herbal Spa body care cosmetics turns daily showering or taking a bath into pleasant and healthy experience. The brand uses natural aroma oils in all shower gels, bath salts and bombs, which guaranty aroma therapeutic effect and help you to relax and unwind.


Moving on to more sophisticated brands, it is worth mentioning White Mandarin, the Ukrainian brand that gained an international recognition. It is very popular in many European countries. White Mandarin offers fragrant body lotions, shower gels, body mists, soaps and many other items. All ingredients are 100% organic, hypoallergenic and are made of ecological ingredients.
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Local companies offer a great array of high quality organic body care products that are well known and are widely used in other countries but just have started to gain popularity in Ukraine. Local organic body care brands are still not widely recognized on the shelves of the stores, however, the organic cosmetics trend is growing fast. Try these Ukrainian cosmetic brands, which offer wide selection of organic body and face care products.
Photo source:, webpages of the abovementioned  brands. All photos belong to their rightful owners. 


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